Nine Things Mass Effect 3 Needs To Have

Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 were great games, combining third-person shooting action with RPG character progression and a movie-worthy sci-fi plot. So, what can Mass Effect 3 do even better? Here are the top nine things we'd like to see.

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Xof2598d ago

10. A story that doesn't fall back on that awful, awful cliche of humanity being the super-bestestest-species in the whole wide universe.

Christopher2598d ago

Really? So, you think Cerberus is a sign of the super bestest? How about Udina? I know, murderous Jack?

I admit it would be neat to play a race other than human, but I think you're mistaken human-focused with being the best of species. In the game, we're actually not very nice at all and are disliked by most others out there.

limewax2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Although I agreed with you, I personally feel the other species have been downplayed since ME2. Honestly I actually preferred answering to the council in ME1, because it made me feel like a small influence within something bigger, But in ME2 you kind of feel as if you own the universe even though you are hated, Despite my choices to save the council and make Udina mad as hell about losing his role to his lapdog.

I really hope the universe bows to me a lot less in ME3, power needs to be achieved in a game, not handed on a plate, I wouldn't have minded that power by ME3 had ME2 continued to make me feel as if I was earning it

STICKzophrenic2598d ago


***SPOILERS for Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2***

I feel that the power Shepard had in ME2 made a lot of sense. He defeated Sovereign in Mass Effect, and it wasn't enough for the Council to believe him. They just blew it off that he just destroyed a really big Geth ship.

Then in ME2, he's dead and rebuilt by Cerberus, which you come to realize is an extremely powerful organization. The Illusive Man believes Shepard to be the only one capable of defeating the Reapers and saving the galaxy, so he pours tons of resources into him. It only makes sense that Shepard is a badass that can do whatever he wants. He has the pedigree to do it, and the backing Cerberus.

Xof2598d ago

...And you've missed my point entirely.

I'm talking about the cliche of the human SPECIES being instrumental in the salvation of existence.

It's tired as hell, and the "twist" in ME2's ending made it look like that's EXACTLY the route we're taking.

Christopher2598d ago

I didn't miss it, you communicated it very poorly.

As for humans being instrumental, it's a game about you playing a hero that's a human, hard to get around that. But, more importantly, you wouldn't be able to succeed without the help of the many others who are not human as well.

As far as it being a cliche... that's 90% of the stories out there, let alone video games. The only way you would change that is to move away from Shepard as a protagonist, which just isn't going to happen. Same with moving away from Humans as protagonists in Halo, Resistance, Killzone, etc.

Canary2598d ago

...ya' completely mis-read a single, short statement, go off on a rant, and then blame the OTHER guy for having "poor" communication skills?

...You got that backward. Good to know people like you have so many bubbles, to better fill up comment threads with line after line of nonsensical self-twaddling idiocy.

Christopher2598d ago

1. No one is ranting here but you.

2. If you are able to translate "super bestest" into "salvation of the galaxy," then you're are speaking a different language than the rest of us. Might want to look up the definitions of best and salvation in the future.

Don't blame me for the poor communication skills of others.

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strange19862598d ago

The thing about ME2's plot that always bothered me was all the time and effort put into abducting humans in order to make a human reaper. What's the point? Does a human reaper really tip the scales heavily enough to justify the entire game's plot? I don't understand what makes a human reaper so important or powerful. I love ME2, but I always thought that was kind of dumb - and if the the final boss fight is any indication, it was clearly a piece of (unfinished) shite.

Christopher2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

It's supposed to be that they take one or more of the old races and turn it to their own use. Seeing as Shepard was the only one to defeat a Reaper, they likely figure humans to be a good option for using similar to how they currently use the Protheans.

Not that this is the best way to continue the story (personally, I also didn't care for the huge move to him being a lone soldier under the payroll of Cerberus--let alone giving the player that choice and causing confusion in the third game since you are now fighting Cerberus), but it's what they decided to go with.

bobrea2598d ago

Complaining about not being entertained in loading screens...really?

Besides that, it was a solid list.

Canary2598d ago

Well, kinda depends on how long the loading screens are up there. ME2 on PS3 had HORRIBLE loading times. It would be nice for little mini-games to occupy those space.

Hell, a space-invaders type minigame would be perfect for those segments. We could control little 8bit Normandies.