Hard Reset - 8 minutes gameplay video

See the exclusive video from the new Hard Reset FPS, PC exclusive.

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DeathProof2599d ago

yes, yes and yes. Looks like a very cool game for sure.

Shadowaste2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

demo is up on steam, only about 1gb download, runs great, loooks amazing, i mean, literally amazing....i am playing resistance 3 right now as well, and this game truely makes resistance 3, uncharted 2, halo reach, killzone 3, alan wake and god of war 3, all games i love deeply, all the very best the consoles have to offer, all beautiful games, yet they looks last gen compared to this....seriously, this game looks on par with pc crysis 2, metro2033 and the witcher 2/:)

AAWELLS092599d ago

I agree i just got thru playing it and yes its very beautiful and ill definetly be buying when it releases here in a week. cant wait cheers to PC gaming

pr0digyZA2599d ago

Wow looks like some old school shooting, which I have missed lately. The graphics and physics seem amazing especially considering the lower budget and and smaller dev team.