Microsoft’s Kinect Being Used to Detect Illness & Saving Senior Citizens

When Microsoft first came up with the idea to release Kinect – previously known as Project Natal – they likely never thought the technology would be used to pave a new way in medicinal science.

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fluffydelusions2600d ago

Kinect has all kinds of great uses I just wish MS would utilize it with a controller more than on rails games and games with horrible controls.

Shadonic2600d ago

it was there first off rails game so in future titles its going to be improved. you should check some of the movement controls by studios online its much better then rise of nightmares plus it would fit hand in hand with mirrors edge in motion controls. mirrors edge 2 using kinect optional with better controls would be the most immersive game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WolfLeBlack2600d ago

It's about time gaming managed to score a favourable point among the media :D

Christopher2600d ago

***“The Kinect uses infrared light to create a depth image that produces data in the form of a silhouette, instead of a video or photograph,” said Stone. “This alleviates many seniors’ concerns about privacy when traditional web camera-based monitoring systems are used.”***

So, they could use any camera, they are using it because of the infrared feature, though. Good on them for thinking outside of the box with this.

Deadman_Senji2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

The PS3 helps to find a cure for cancer while the Xbox 360 prolongs the suffering of the elderly.


radphil2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Or maybe, just maybe.....both techs are useful?

I doubt the medical side of things gives a damn as far as what they do in gaming. If it helps benefit the health of people, they'll look into it, and maybe use it.