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Resistance 3 gets a whole lot right with a handful of inspired design choices that help it to stand out in the largely predictable first-person shooter market. Even so, some of that first-person shooter unoriginality remains meaning Resistance 3 never quite reaches its true potential.

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crimsonfox2597d ago

This game deserves higher. Its really a good one.I'm on chapter 8 and things are heating up!

PCE2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

This is his opinion. He'll score a game according to what he likes and doesn't like about it. It doesn't deserve higher, and your opinion is not fact. Get over it.

@ finbars75
"Actually PCE I personally don't think you 2 cents really matters at all.Go back to playing your PC games which are usualy just lame as except for the BF series."

I own a PS3, as a matter of fact I own multiple units. What has gone through your head that I am without a PS3 just because I stated FACT that his review score is based on OPINION? Oh and decent games? Like what, a Tomb Raider clone? A buggy hack and slash? A racing game with cut and paste graphics from a PS2 predecessor? No thanks I would rather play The Witcher 2.

finbars752597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Actually PCE I personally don't think your 2 cents really matters at all.Go back to playing your PC games which are usualy just lame as except for the BF series.Just because you don't get to play decent games doesn't give you the right to come in here and blast someone for there opinion.Until you have played it which you obvisouly havnt you have no rights at all.I agree the game is way better then 7.5 in my OPINION because I have payed it and its a he'll of game.This reviewer is the type who will give high scores to recycled games like COD because of its numbers but not for the quality of a game.

HeavenlySnipes2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

If gamers that didn't like the franchise were the reviewers for every site and gave this one a bad score because they don't like the franchise and think its boring, cliche, awfully put together, than who would buy the game?

You have to review the game with as little bias as possible, use other games in genre to compare the game to if you must, or follow a criteria. Reviewing the game 100% off of opinion is bad (unless the guy/gal thinks the same way as you).

EDIT: Also, its nice to see Newleaf patrolling the internet for any below 8 score of R3

crimsonfox2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

PCE I'm just putting up my opinion also so what's the problem?

you get over it...jeez...

Pixel_Pusher2597d ago

crimsonfox's is just stating his opinion is he/she not allowed to do that?

here watch the co-op campaign for yourself and you be the judge. this game should definitely get a higher score than a 7.5.

these dudes are hilarious by the way.

theunleashed642597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

a tomb raider clone? ok by that logic tomb raider is a indiana jones clone?. such ignorance baffles me as to how people believe treasure hunting + globe trotting + platforming + shooting = tomb raider clone?. disagree with me all you want but that was such a ignorant remark he made and there is not one thing he stated being fact that uncharted is a clone of tomb raider.

PCE2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )


7.5 is not a bad score. Maybe in PS3 fanboy land it's terrible because they believe they're the only ones playing the best games and by "fact" all other non PS3 games are fake games, not real games, whatever. Every game has a review with lower score than what the big name critics gave. For one, Super Mario Galaxy 2 boasted perfect 10s among GameSpot and IGN, but there should be some 8.0, 7.0 reviews, etc. They don't hold less weight than the reviews with 10. No game deserves a specific score. Every game review will judge differently according to their own standards.

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HOSe2597d ago

from chapter 11 the game really shines. Its not long after that it is over though

smashcrashbash2597d ago

Is there something you want? What is up with you patrolling R3 articles to announce how long it took you? Also big surprise its newleaf submiting an average score for R3. Surprised it wasn't Ziro. Wouldn't find them submiting the high scores.

Trophywhore2597d ago

This game could have been so much better with Hale. Thats where insomniac screwed up.

starchild2597d ago

How dare they! This is absurd, Resistance 3 deserves at least a 7.6

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multips3fan2597d ago

i got this game is really awsome.i dont undertand how ppl give this game below a 8

Biggest2597d ago

I'll only pay for you if you're up for 6+ at a time.

joab7772597d ago

Its funny how most reviews were 9 until game informer and now its 7s. I dont think everything is perfect as the graphics coulda been better especially w access to naughty dog and guerilla but ir doesnt get respect for story ir gunplay or tight controls. And it os simlply fun. Halo reach didnt really change the landscape bit was really good. I just hope mw3 gets the same scrutiny.

smashcrashbash2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

I think your wrong. Cheat Code Central just gave it a 9. Where did you get that it that's now its 7s as if that's all its got since? It hasn't gotten more 7s then 8s and 9s

fabiani2597d ago

i just beat resistance 3 an its pathetic no goliath fight easy bosses again.resistance 1 iz truelly the best.pick it up

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