NHL 12 Review (PlanetXbox360)

Hockey is not a sport that gets much love this time of year, especially with College Football kicking off this week, but it’s been this way ever since the NHL went on strike and losing the 2004 season. As the NHL is starting to claw its way back into households nationwide, EA SPORTS gets ready to Blow the Doors Off with NHL 12 launching September 13th, 2011. Whether you’re a hockey nut or just a casual fan, EA SPORTS NHL 12 brings something for everyone to the table. For those of you new to the series or still stuck playing NHL 94, EA SPORTS has re-defined the true-to-life hockey game. This year NHL 12 features unprecedented presentation that will leave your mouth dragging the floor.

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UltimaEnder2688d ago

Can't wait to try this one out next week....even though I'm not really a hockey fan, but the fights!

CrzyFooL2688d ago

I miss the good ol days of NHL95

2687d ago
LaurenKB1232688d ago

If it's not on the SEGA I won't play a hockey game...

DC19802685d ago

The NHL had a lockout, not a strike.