Is This a Sign of Microsoft’s Japanese Retreat?

Kotaku: After spending millions upon millions of dollars promoting the Xbox 360 in Japan, Microsoft still only sells about 2,000 or so consoles every week. Last sales week, the Xbox 360 was outsold by the PS2. The PS2!

After all these years, it looks like Microsoft might finally be tossing in the towel and calling it a day.

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Bigpappy2600d ago

About time. Those kids don't want anything to do with your console M$. Stop spending my subscription money over there.

darthv722600d ago

many would like to see that but it isnt going to happen. If you are going to be a system in the mix then you have to take the good with the bad. You dont drop out of an area unless you plan on dropping out of the entire race.

sdtarm2600d ago

true, but its M$, they would abandon even the small 360 costumers they already have, I dont feel bad for M$ for not getting any sales there, i feel bad for the jap that actually bought the console

zeeshan2600d ago

AWESOME PICTURE! I love Jim Carrey!

deadpoole2600d ago

Ppl of Japan r smart, intelligent and hardworking ppl. when they spend money, they go for latest tech that is bein offered and determine how long will it last before it becomes outdated ... or say bang for their buck.

thats why x360 is havin hard time in japan.

JellyJelly2600d ago

@deadpoole - Yeah that explains why the Wii did so good over there. Latest tech, not being outdated etc.

hiredhelp2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Can you show us proof that the nintendo wii didnt sell well in japan.

KING_KAI2600d ago

lol @ above

cant you read sarcasm?

kikizoo2599d ago

Don't use wii example to deny the fact that deadpool say.....this toy play in another league, like ds or psp, it was a society phenomenon (like ipod or others), not a gamer 'choice.

and in the best home console duel, japanese, like european (with less baised medias than US) are buying the best product.

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Anon19742600d ago

Not like they had much choice. With reports that retailers were phasing out the 360 and pulling them off store shelves, what were they going to do? You can't exactly push a product that isn't available in the region.

morkendo2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

it looks like Microsoft might finally be tossing in the towel and calling it a day.

those japanese kids not like jim carrey say "ALRIGHTTY THEN" and buy flaw system. they do read or hear about 360 issues.

GameSpawn2600d ago

I won't deny that the Japanese aren't more educated consumers, but they are more nationalistic about their product choices and I believe this is the true reason for the 360's performance in Japan.

The Japanese put more faith and trust into products made by Japanese companies than foreign ones, especially ones from American companies with untrustworthy business practices.

Japanese business is very different than American business because the samurai code of honor that the Japanese lived by got carried into business. Japanese business and general way of life revolves around respect and honor, something American business is NOT at all known much for (in fact, Microsoft's business practices are the polar opposite of this).

In short, Japanese buy Japanese out of respect, at least when the options allow them to (hell, they still buy Apple computers like there is no tomorrow; Apple or Microsoft, lesser of two evils maybe).

Kurt Russell2600d ago

Nothing flawed with my xbox...
Does exactly what I want from it, but then I was born in the real world - not an internet forum.

Fez2600d ago

Do you actually know that Japanese business runs differently than everywhere else? Everytime someone mentions Japan and business, the word honour is thrown about like its 14th century feudal Japan. Really, companies in every country have to be seen as respectable and reliable, or no one will buy the products they sell.

You seemed to have generalised an entire nation and then refuted your assertions by saying "they still buy Apple computers like there is no tomorrow" - an American multinational company.

Nevers2600d ago

I tend to agree with GameSpawn on this issue. But one thing is for certain... I couldn't care less what the people of Japan play or do not play. I have my own opinion. I don't follow the herd. Be it a herd in Japan, or America, or Zimbabwe. I like what I like.

snipes1012600d ago

I'm really not sure that's a claim you can stand to make without considerable proof gamespawn. When anyone gets their hands on millions upon billions of dollars, there is bound to be some corruption. It may not be apparent, but I guarantee it's there. It's human nature.

I simply cannot agree that Apple is a better company than Microsoft, they render their products outdated every few months. How is that ethical?

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ConstipatedGorilla2600d ago

They shouldn't even waste their time and money in Japan.

TheXonySbox2600d ago

Asians support their countries before another.
Would never beable to beat one of their own.

ramon_v2600d ago

That must be why everyone in Japan is rocking a Walkman instead of an iPod... Nationalism! /s

Hell, if Chinese kids are selling their kidneys & virginity to score an iPad (and not a Lenovo or Samsung Galaxy Tab), then I'm thinking they don't have a problem buying foreign consumer goods.

Marketing has more to do with this than anything else. MS failed often & early here which resulted in a low install base... which resulted in Japanese Devs not always supporting it with culturally relevant games... which hasn't helped the install base grow etc etc etc.

SKUD2600d ago

I wouldnt go that far but sometimes Its just the simple things. Like manners which MS has none of.

zag2600d ago

Japan had MP3 players back in the 90's.

Mp3 players aren't new and apple didn't invent them they only made it easier to get the songs and put them onto the mp3 player that is it.

Dee_912600d ago

i dont know what hell is going on in here but that picture is epic

MintBerryCrunch2600d ago

again you use M$, i dont think you know what the meaning of that acronym means

hard joe2600d ago

yeah. 360 sales figure is below even ps2

pain777pas2600d ago

Here is the thing that is clear it is not about an American coming in. I see more macs with Japanese people all around the world and using "I" devices. Apple makes innovative and QUALITY products. Software can only do so much and has done alot for the tech in the 360. PS3 had so many new types of tech from the Bluray player to Wifi built in which the PSP had and was launched before the system was even out. A lot of things contributed to the demise of the Xbox in Japan. IF Apple jumps in then we could see a shift in the gaming market where their expertise in developing hardware and software will come to the forefront and could challenge everyone with the right games on the DEDICATED device. The thing would make the PS3 launch price look like a dream but you know that they would do very well.

Shojin12600d ago

I would not call it a retreat. I will call it " Here you go, dont take the best, we'll take it back" !

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subtenko2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Looks like Jim Carrey to me...

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

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Goeres2600d ago

Lmao yea, Jim Carrey is amazing. Will we ever see another comedian with his style and quality?

vglulz2600d ago

I only clicked this story to get a better view of Jim.

It was worth it.

Bull5hifT2600d ago

Theres this weird video on youtube with jim carrey confessing his love from that girl from, superbad, Zombieland, eazy-A, Emma Stone , i cant tell if its real or fake

_Aarix_2600d ago

I love him and adam sandler. Never hated a movie they were in.

xabmol2600d ago

Adam Sandler?! His movies are all the same... He peaked in Happy & Billy. All down hill from there. Also I think there was a movie or 2 of JC's that I didn't care for. That one about a movie theater or somthing or other...

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kaveti66162600d ago

Adam Sandler?

Adam Sandler hasn't been in a good film in a very long time.

TyrionL2600d ago

Come on man, catching a fish in your butt cheeks is awesome and you know it.
What are ya some kind of fag-o-let.

Getowned2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

yeah i wish he would go back to doing stuff like happy gilmore..but i have a tun of respect for adam.. happy gilmore,Anger management,Billy madison,Grown ups,Waterboy,Little Nicky,The Wedding Singer,Eight Crazy Nights.Mr deeds and big daddy are all geart movies 40 first dates was ok and i did'nt mind Bed time storys it was good for a little kids movie and don't mess with zohan was really underrated imo but when he makes a good movie he makes a good movie! and BTW thats jim carry not adam sandler..but jim carry is pretty cool too!

maniacmayhem2600d ago

A kotaku story talking bad about MS!? NO, NO, NO, according to N4G kotaku loves MS and hates everything Sony.

zeeshan2600d ago

Even Kotaku can't spin some hard realities of life :)

kaveti66162600d ago

Then they would simply choose not to write an article about it, Zeeshan.

get over the conspiracy.

Why o why2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Conspiracy you say. The fact them and sony had bad blood doesnt mean anything to you?. Ive always loved their reviews and their method of reviewing but if you cant see their 'home team' mentality then you may just be blocking it out. Ive never seen soo many people believe bias doesnt exist even after theyve witnessed numerous instances of questionable situations. Not everybody is anti x or y...thats paranoia and theres nothing wrong with preference...its human nature but just like you feel people should just get over it people like yourself should just get over the fact that bias does exist.

Ill post this article again and hope you counter it with something better than 'teh conspiracy' if you can be asked or have the time. http://gamrconnect.vgchartz... The original article is referenced at the bottom. Not everybody is like edge though

kaveti66162600d ago

True, but what happens when people consistently believe that the media as a whole is biased against their console of preference?

insomnium22600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )


That used to be the case in 2005-2008. You should've been here when we had all the doom articles. Now they can't BS anymore since PS3 is here to stay. They weren't able to kill it. Now they need something else to get them hits.

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karl2600d ago

u cant blame a few idiots on everyone...

besides ... im sure kotaku has many writers... some who favor the ps3 and others the 360

haters usually like to give their "opinion" more than reasonable people... in general

Mrmagnumman3572600d ago

holy crap! did kotaku just say something bad about their 360

kreate2600d ago

Oh... Cuz I was wondering if it was only me thinking that kotaku is bias in favor of the 360 starting with michael mcwhertor.

I guess others feel the same way.

fuckoffodion2598d ago ShowReplies(1)
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KittyEmperor2600d ago

Well lets face it M$ was never going to gain a strong footing in Japan. For the PS2 to still end up outselling the 360 is a bit...granted it was only for sales that week but still.

Hicken2600d ago

It hasn't only been one week, though. If I went out on a limb and said the PS2 is outselling the 360 in Japan, I may be sitting on a very sturdy branch.

StarWolf2600d ago

its like 3 games away from becoming the same failure here in the states. Halo, Gears, and COD.

RememberThe3572600d ago

That may be true but as long as the system has those three games it'll be fine.

sikbeta2600d ago

Eh... problem is, it should be expanding its library, not just releasing sequels...

SITH2600d ago

"its like 3 games away from becoming the same failure here in the states. Halo, Gears, and COD."

Quick Starwolf! Edit the most ridiculous comment ever!
The United States is the base for the 360. It has more sales here than absolutely anywhere else, yet you make this ridiculous comment?

Happythedog2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

360 did good sales wise but it never comitted console murder like the PS2 and PS1. Lol, disagree but it's the truth buddy your 360 did nothing special and it's legacy will be that it was medicore.

darthv722600d ago

considering the 360 has done better over there than the original xbox I would say MS is very pleased.

creatchee2600d ago


So by your logic, what does that say about the PS3?