GameSpot's Crysis Hardware Performance Guide

"Crysis is the textbook definition of a next-generation game. Picturesque beaches? Check. Ridiculously detailed jungles? Check. Utterly drinkable water effects? Check. Requires a computer from the future? Check. Crysis is either a game from the future that managed to travel back in time to warn us about nanosuits and North Koreans as interpreted though a cleverly disguised shooter, or it's just ahead of its time. Our best test computers, outfitted with high-end CPUs and GPUs, struggled to maintain frame rates at the game's highest-quality settings. Suffice it to say, you will need to upgrade your computer for Crysis". -GameSpot

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Charlie26884929d ago

Its brutal to see that even with the most powerful GPU and CPU running the game on the highest res and max option the fps are MURDERED

Looks like Crysis was build to take advantage of CPUs and GPU that have not even been released >.>

Its interesting to see how GS strongly recommended to lower the shadows to medium to compensate for other higher setting

xav09714929d ago

Owning 2 8800gtx in sli certainly helps. I can play it at 1680X1050 with some things on very high and everything else on high. Of course I modified the config files to play in dx9 with very high settings. dx10 freezes on me in vista. go figure!

ShiftyLookingCow4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

I am not sure if my eyes are failing me but there seems to be real performance increase atleast in DX9 in the retail version over the demo. I think you could probably run it smoothly with all very high settings(except shadows perhaps) at 720p or 1680x1050(there is a significant performance difference between 720p and the latter).

skagrerrrr4929d ago

8800 GTX can cut it good

pointystick4929d ago

Installing the latest 169.09 Nvidia drivers gives me a huge boost in fps in the demo. Highly recommended.