Pick Up That Controller, The Drought Is Over

Velocity Gamer: As of yesterday I'm officially calling out that the summer drought is finally over. From here on out though expect your bank accounts to be crying out for mercy because almost every single week has a high profile release.

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Convas2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

My Summer drought ends in 13 days and counting. Woot!

Hockeydud192650d ago

Literally every week starting this week. WOW

pixelsword2650d ago

I never was in a drought, but hey; good for everyone.

Enate2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Yea I think the industry did well this year. I could of easily picked up L.A. noire and Infamous 2 for hours of play. An even gone back to the god father 2 cuz when I rented that it was fun. That or picked up ME2 for PS3 as I love the series that much after playing it on PC.

Played some Deus Ex and that was pretty darn fun. I may have even missed some others. An now with Dead Island out which I picked up already. With other games like WH:40k Space Marine, Resistance 3, Driver and Disgaea 4. I've got a lot more to tie me over until Dark Souls and Rage if I choose to pick any of those other up. An November don't even get me started on that insane month October is bad enough already.

Dark Souls
Batman Arkham City
Cursed Crusade
Battlefield 3

kma2k2650d ago

Ummm did Deus Ex not count last week or something? There is a game comming out every week from last week until mid November that i want to play....thank you gamefly! Just got my Resistance 3 copy today, im gonna finish up Deus Ex by probably tommorow, then on to God of War PSP Colection, followed by Gear 3 next week! Bring it on!!!!!

mistajeff2650d ago

Deus Ex has completely dominated my existence since it came out (with the exception of one INSANE electric zoo festival last weekend). I've been meaning to grab Resistance the past few days to break myself out of my cyberpunk stupor, but all I want to do after work is run home and adam some more jensen.

pixelsword2650d ago

I think Deus Ex was considered 'niche' by most people's standards.

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