Did the 3DS just become a Wii U controller?

With the newly announced Circle Pad expansion, could the 3DS be your new Wii U controller?

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waltyftm2650d ago

Nintendo 3DS uses, Shoot itself in the foot
It's super effective.

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CaptainMarvelQ82650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

waltyftm uses lame reference....TWICE
and it sucks

Gray-Fox-Type02650d ago

Ninteno are looking bad...wii u could be worser...

Shok2649d ago

You're grammar couldn't be "worser"............

fatstarr2649d ago

your* but I know what you mean.
im the last person to correct some 1 but

still get the agree from me.

darthv722650d ago

nintendo had more support for the 3ds in the wii-u than they did for the wii. I always wondered why they didnt include more direct control of wii games via the dsi. The download station function of the wii and ds could have been used to effectively control games if done right.

Now with the wii-u, I would like them to have that option of using the 3ds (or dsi) as an input controller for games. I have the same expectation for sony with the vita and control of ps3 games. Not the remote play but actual direct interface as an optional control scheme in the game itself.

PCE2650d ago

Nintendo is definitely going through a f***ing identity crisis. First they price it at 250 now the lowered it down and give early adopters stone-age NES games we've already own. Then we have this attachment that places the second circle pad at a very uncomfortable location and turns the 3DS to an eyesore. What's next Nintendo? A 32x-like addon that adds Wii-U horsepower to the system that makes it thrice as thick?

TacoTaru2650d ago

Yeah, I don't know which is worse, Nintendo's give away games that everyone already played or Sony's give away games (for the PSN debacle) that everyone already played. In either case it didn't cost either company anything to do it. meh...

PCE2650d ago

I have bought none of the Sony's games in their giveaway previously so I am happy with Sony. Plus all these games are from this generation while Nintendo's games are from previous generations. They could've easily given us unreleased downloadable 3DS titles instead, or even a voucher for retail games.

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banner2650d ago

nintendo dropped the ball with the 3ds, lets see if sony can pick it up..

PCE2650d ago

I wouldn't go as far as saying the 3DS is doomed. I believe it will succeed, but this identity crisis is ridiculous. STICK TO WHAT YOU HAVE ALREADY RELEASED YOU DUMBSH!TS. You should have thought about the second circle pad a long time ago.

mike1up2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

You gotta good point there. Nintendo is announcing a "remodeled" 3DS this year. All i can think is, thank god i havent bought one yet. With the small game library and the buzz about people getting sick from 3D effects, ive been really hesitant to bring the 3DS home.

I will, however, definitely pick up the newer model. With 2 circle pads and triggers, Nintendo would have to be insane not have it as an optional WiiU controller.

DA_SHREDDER2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

can't wait to get my full purchase price of $250 for this next year when my warranty runs out and my story warranty kicks in and just trade this in for the ps4 for WiiU. This was a total kick in the nuts from Nintendo to me, and if it wasn't for Dragon Warrior X, I wouldn't even be buying a WiiU, I still might not if the wii version has a decent online mode.

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