Sony Admits 'Massive Lead' for Xbox 360, But Insists Software Performs Better on PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment America's SVP of Publisher Relations Rob Dyer, after slamming Microsoft's publishing policies, also talked with IndustryGamers about how software sells on the PS3 compared to the Xbox 360. The big focus for Sony is index ratio, which gives us an idea of how a game fares relative to the installed base. To start, however, Dyer did admit the "massive lead" Xbox 360 has in hardware - the index ratio is 1.6, meaning there is 1 PS3 sold for every 1.6 Xbox 360 units sold through.

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donniebaseball2650d ago

Wow. First of all, I'm a little surprised they'd categorize a hardware lead like that, but those software sales comparisons in the article are quite interesting. That is, quite frankly, where having Blu-ray does actually help - leaves space for lots of extra content or whole games like Battlefield 1943 being included in BF3.

Dante1122650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

1 vs 1.6 MASSIVE lead. lol

Edit: Nvm, taking about NA. Makes sense. Sony can sit pretty WW but I think they should try harder in the US.

RememberThe3572650d ago

I think so too. But it seems like Sony isn't going to try to shape the market wit the PS3. They seem content with the market it's found this generation and with Move they are obviously trying to expand that a little more. I can see then pushing harder in the US next gen with a new system and a fresh start.

DualConsoleOwner2650d ago

Sony has out sold 360s WW for three years in a row.

they are all in yearly financial records.

TheMyst2650d ago

What more do you want? They already have a great price, tons of game, great online, bluray, etc, etc.

I don't mean to sound like a troll, but Americans seem to respond only to brainwashing ads. They'll buy whatever is "in" even it's crap. It's really sad and I'm American as well.

I mean, just look at Japan and Europe, even though MS has tried so hard and put so much effort into those regions, the PS3 still outsells it based purely on quality (esp. in Japan).

The only way NA will be won over by SONY would be through some stroke of genius advertisement blitz, which unfortunately SONY doesn't seem to like sinking money into.

It's a lot easier when you advertise one exclusive a year (Gears 3) compared to dozens of exclusives.

YodaCracker2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )


Funny, because these "financial records" you speak of clearly show the 360 outselling the PS3 so far in 2011. 4.4m for the 360 and 3.9m for the PS3 worldwide through June 2011. I guess you're just ignoring that though, huh?

SuperLupe2650d ago

Yeah I bet you werent talking that crap when PSX and PS2 put the competition in a coffin.

JeffGUNZ2650d ago

@ myst

Get going with that nonsense. You ever think why xbox does well in America is because it's owned by Microsoft, an AMERICAN brand. Same for Japan, Sony is the same deal over there. Look at Europe, it's a much tighter race there.

I own both consoles and I prefer my xbox a lot more. I personally find the online aspect much more smoother and user-friendly. I also prefer the gaming experience overall on Live. Multiplats run better (for the most part) on the 360.

I like both systems, but the PS3 has blu-ray and better graphics, that's all. Blu-Ray is a nice feature but it's not the way of the future. If you haven't noticed, cloud storage and streaming is the direction a lot media will be going. Digital downloading is becoming a very common trend.

Graphics, eh, they are nice but I really haven't seen anything that has blown my socks off. Sure, KZ2/3 and UC2 look nice, but the nice graphics didn't influence the fun factor. The reason I love UC2 is because of nice gameplay and a great story with believable characters. For how nice UC2 is, graphics don't make the game more fun.

Also, please don't give me the PSN is free line too. It's not NEARLY as personal on PSN as it is on live. I think it's total nonsense that a headset isn't included. For the price of a console, especially the first 3 years after launch, a cheap headset would have been expected. Also, don't give me the "it's compatible with any blu-tooth head piece". Great, what about the majority of us who don't own a blu-tooth head piece? Sure, it's nice to game for free, but I'd rather pay $60 a year for better Apps, better content, and a better overall experience.

I am not trashing the PS3, I enjoy mine, but I just prefer the 360 much more. I guess if a lot of the fanboys on this site owned a 360 AND a PS3 they could make subjective arguments.

If you don't believe me, here are my tags.


DarenG2650d ago

What financial records are you referring to? The ones I just pulled up show the opposite???

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32649d ago

Themyst is just butthurt, ignore him or her and move on. This gen is obviously centered around online gaming and Xbox Live is just a superior service compared to what PSN is. Brainwashed? "It only does everything" is a lie, but yet you believe it. So who is really brainwashed?

Vega752649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

"It's a lot easier when you advertise one exclusive a year (Gears 3) compared to dozens of exclusives"

i rather have 3 great exclusives a year then to waste $65 each on Mediocrity or trash games that i will trade away at the first chance i get which is what i have been doing with the selection of ps3 games that have been released.which is a reason i have been buying used games or borrowing games from friends who also starting to feel the same way. people say "well atleast you have a choice" no matter how many choices of trash you have, it's still trash. which maybe a reason why people choose not to buy all the exclusive sony has released. maybe because they are not impressed which is they're choice.

you say american are brainwashed because they choose 360 over the ps3. it's not being brainwashed, it's called having a preference of what they like. obviously people don't find ps3 all that great as you and many other fanboys on this site think it is. it's not the cheapest blu-ray player anymore, the games they want look the same or better on the 360, and they don't mind paying for a quality online service that makes them feel connected. these same people wasn't brainwashed when they choose to buy the inferior ps2 over the xbox or gamecube. you say we are brainwashed, but the only people i see brainwashed are you sonyfanboys in thinking every game is something that everyone would want and believes everything sony tells you. but you'll turn around and say 360 owners fall for everything MS tell them.this is a clear case of "pot calling the kettle black"

grow up kid and get a life.

disposeablehero2649d ago

@VEGA75, all Ps3 games are trash? Then explain why Sony has a lot mroe 9 and above rated exclusives? Uncharted alone is betetr then anything on 360. Please. Ridiculous argument. All 360 games suck and are for 10 year olds, 2 can be ignorant see? xxxxxxxx

Vega752649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

honestly the only game worth buying on the ps3 is uncharted. most of the games that have been released this year have been Mediocrity or trash. the only game other than uncharted was a casual game LBP2 but we all know casual platformer games don't count as sonyfanboys like to throw around so what else do you have. oh yeah you have
1)GT4 HD remake(aka GT5),
20R3= 83 metacritic
3)DCUO= somewhere in the 65 rating
4)IMFAMOUS 2= 83
5)WKC2= 59 LMFAO
6)YAKUZA= 79
7)MotorStorm: Apocalypse= 77
8)KZ3= 84
9)SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs= 67

and this is but some of the exclusive you guys have been screen about all year. like i said before they are not worth $65 dollars each because they would be traded after finishing which is a waste of money. 3 great games are worth more that 20 medicrity or trash games. i'll give you uncharted 3 but thats the only game worth buying on the ps3 this year period. so in all actuallity you only have 1 game the rest are multiplat games which have scored and sold more than exclusive have.

EDIT: and no i don't think all ps3 exclusives are trash cause there are a few that i do like such as demon soul and a few others but that doesn't mean I'm going to run out and buy everything that being released for the ps3 cause it not worth it.

mastor2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

@VEGAS, LMAo, because you say games rated in the mid-80's are trash everyone is supposed to believe you? name 1 xbox exclusive this year rated above it? Waiting..... Ps3 has a lot more 9 and above rated games, thats a statistical fact you cannot disprove. Saying many good games millions buy which get very good reviews are trash throws any credibility you thought you had out the window. please. Since when is 85 average bad? Very few games average over 90, and Ps3 has mroe of those 2...

Only an dillusional xbot troll tries and says every game is trash, because they say so, reviews, say otherwise.... Reviews are nott he be all end all, but in your own post they show quite a few very good games. Ps3 has more good games then xbox, thanks for proving my point.. Not to mention variety, better hardware. Geta clue xbotch clown.. You might want to start not being a brain dead zombie and play said games before basing off useless numerical reviews, some of the best games of all time were not rated that highly (Morrowind, Deus Ex half Life, just to name a few....._. typical drooling man cow xbot.

Ps3 software sales are above 360 again this year, good thing others can use their head and not have the media think for them LMAO.

You left off LBP 2 which has over a 90% critic average, leave ofo the agmes that dont suit your argument? Typical.

So i guess where PS3 has more 9 and above rated exclusives that means you admit PS3 has better gams right? You said it yourself? works both ways, SP3 has more good and great games, according to your own post.

Legion2649d ago

As a US consumer do I care that the Japanese are buying more PS3 games versus Xbox 360 games? No.

As a US consumer do I care that the Americans are buying more Xbox 360 games versus PS3 games? Yes.

And why you might ask? Because it matters what my friends are playing, that my likes are being addressed, what kind of attention I am getting from the gaming company. I get my FPS fix and I get my RPG fix. And I get to play them all with my extended friends list. I am happy... what more do I need?

This article seems to be US related so anyone not a US consumer. Well it might be interesting to you but does it really effect you?

Legion2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )


I don't think he left off LBP2. He mentions it directly and calls it a casual game and not worthy of being considered due to what he says is sonyfanboys same implication that casual games don't matter.

mastor2649d ago

So he gets to decide what games count to suit his argument? LMAO. Most console games are casual games....... Try a PC sometime. He didnt mention its score because its higher then any xbox game for the last 2 years..................

mastor2649d ago

So he gets to decide which games matter now? LMAO, how is that even an argument? He left it off because its higher rated then any xbox game for 2 years...

CryofSilence2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Yeah. It's talking about America for hardware (32.9 mil vs. 20.6 mil; 1.6/1 ratio). Worldwide, the Xbox 360 is about 3.2 million units ahead (55.7 mil vs. 52.5 mil;1:06/1 ratio), which is pretty close if you consider the 6 million+ unit lead the 360 got. The PS3 has outsold the 360 and the Wii almost consistently worldwide through out the whole year. The PS3 is usually around 10k behind the 360 in America sales, but the PS3 ends up at about 25-80k ahead in worldwide figures (per week). However, all consoles are selling well, and everyone should be happy. Bottom line: no console was a failure this generation.

FlintGREY2649d ago

Americans are way too shallow gamers for Sony...hence CoD sales.

Dee_912649d ago

Yea I actually thought Xbox had a bigger lead in NA lol

CryofSilence2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

To the one(s) who disagree with me:
Here are the approximate cumulative worldwide sales of the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii from the beginning of 2011 to the 3rd of September 2011:
PS3: 6.2 million
Xbox 360: 5.3 million
Wii: 5.4 million

Can't argue with facts, but you can be a pompous disagree troll. ^^;

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moegooner882650d ago

Same here, but again everyone knows the xbox has a remarkable lead over the PS3 in the U.S, denying it will only be stupid at this point.

NYC_Gamer2650d ago

The 360 is more mainstream/better promoted In the west

darthv722650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

its about the public branding and product placement. I used to see nothing but ps2's in tv shows and movies. Now i am seeing more 360's in place of that.

As if the 360 has become the PS2 of this generation. It represents what's popular amongst the different groups. In saying that, that does not mean the ps3 is crap. Some would take the 360 ahead thing and make it out to be something it isnt.

Both are great platforms and both deserve the respect of the gaming community. It certainly has brought back memories of genesis vs snes and the real ones who won out were the gamers. Competition breeds great quality software and good old fashioned FUN.

As for the performing better thing. The systems are more alike than they are different. The variances arent that big of a deal breaker most people blow out of proportions. You get the game for your platform of choice and should not be ridiculed for it.

In the grand scheme of things we are all gamers part of the same entertainment medium we love to play. That should count for something.

Dante1122650d ago

@ darth

I would've probably agreed with you if the Wii didn't exists. Sadly I think the Wii would be the popular, PS2 console of this gen.

RememberThe3572650d ago

You guys are missing darth's point. The PS2 had a cultural impact on the young men that played it. The 360 has taken it's place culturally. Xbox Live and the better social features of it have become apart of a lot of peoples lives. I have friends who flat out say the PS3 is a better system "hands down" but since it's easier to play with friends on the 360, that is their main system.

Darth made the point of product placement, as well. I think it's a good indicator of how Sony felt they owned the US at the launch of the PS3 and failed to invest, as heavily as they did with the past two systems, in just getting it in peoples faces.

That will probably change since Sony seems to have gotten the message loud and clear. They were their own worst enemy the first 3 years of the PS3 and I think we will see a very different Sony with the PS4.

As for the Wii, it sells to teen girls and middle aged women it only appears PS2 like in sales numbers.

darthv722650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

You got the gist of what I was saying. I'm cool with that. said it better than me. Have a bubble.

Dante1122650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

@ darth and RememberThe357

"The PS2 had a cultural impact on the people. The 360 has taken it's place culturally."

"As for the Wii, it sells to teen girls and middle aged women it only appears PS2 like in sales numbers."

"It represents what's popular amongst the different groups."- darth taking about the 360.

That's it, the Wii doesn't just appeal to middle age women and teen girls though. It appeals to almost every group of people. Men, women, teens, kids, and old folks. Can't just label it to one group, and as far as popularity, success and cultural impact go sadly, I still would rate the Wii ahead. The Wii kinda made motion control gaming relevant this gen with inferior tech (cultural impact) much so that both Sony and Microsoft are following suit. Hence why I say that the Wii would be more of a PS2 this gen than the 360.

Edit: Also the 360 hasn't had a cultural impact if it's still struggling worldwide, Japan being the most. The Wii is number one in total sales almost everywhere around the world.

Mrmagnumman3572650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

your correct, anyone that denies the 360 lead in the US is a ps3 fanboy. And anyone that denies the ps3 lead worldwide is a 360 fanboy.

TheMyst2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Yep, people seem to forget there's TWICE as many 360s in NA than PS3s. It's really dumb especially when people bash PS3 games for selling less (completely ignoring the massive 360 lead in NA).


I get what you're saying, but comparing the 360 to the PS2 is laughable. The PS2 sold way, way more, was completely synonymous with gaming in general and had tons of exclusives. The 360 sells great but that's where the similarities end.

MS has tried very hard to be like SONY and now they're trying hard to be Nintendo. In my opinion, they should create their own identity like with the original Xbox (a strong core consoles based lately on a very well made online).

Megaton2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

As others have mentioned, Microsoft has a spent an insane amount of money on PR for the 360. It has replaced Sony consoles as the go-to "insert video game here" moment in television and movies. They've also utilized a lot of celebrities to boost the console's notoriety.

I've met people who own a 360 and have no idea what a PS3 is.

Sony let the US market slip through their grasp as Microsoft ran hog wild with moneybags for TV time and press events. Their own fault for not seeing this unfold, really. The PS3 always being the more expensive console certainly never did it any favors, either.

darthv722650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

lets put it into a slightly different perspective. I liken this particular generation to that of the genesis vs snes. Yes the NES was the king when the genesis came out and yes the time the genesis was the only 16bit system had built up quite the reputation for being more hardcore than the NES.

So nintendo releases the snes and things really heated up. Competition between the two platforms was eventful with both sides have fanboys calling the other side out. Technical differences were obvious but it didnt seem to matter because it was the games that made each platform what it was.

Sega stole some market share from nintendo and that got their attention to take sega as a serious threat to their dominance. Fast forward and we are getting an almost instant replay of that time.

Sony and their dominance has been shook up by that of MS and the 360. The PS2 was the king like the NES once was. Along comes something that is different and fresh like the genesis of this generation. That should be more acceptable to those who understand the phrasing I am using.

My bad for calling the 360 the ps2 of this gen. It should be the Genesis of this gen as it was taking on that which was a more popular brand. The 360 stole some market share from sony and the ps2 like the genesis stole from nintendo and the nes. The snes didnt overtake the genesis overnight. It took some time and during that time we got to see some of the best games that generation had to offer.

The shift in popular culture was that of more and more awareness of sega and the genesis because it WASNT nintendo. Much like how the 360 is NOT a playstation and being showcased in current popular culture. It has varying results around the world but no one can argue that they dont know what a 360 is.

By the end of the genesis/snes generation people knew who Sega was and what they offered. Just like people will know MS more for the 360 than they will the original xbox. Maybe this perspective is more understandable? Or at least to the old farts like myself who have been gaming since before the playstation era.

One thing seems certain. Just like what happened after the genesis/snes we may not see another close knit console generation like this again for several years.

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pixelsword2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

1 to 1.6 is almost a 2:1 lead, so it's a pretty big one if both companies are still selling software; and I do believe Software preforms Better on the PS3 in terms of sales in comparison, I have no qualms about that statement as a whole.

But if he was talking about the program itself: IF it's their own studios OR if it's lead on the PS3. Other than that, it's up in the air most times, and the 360 gets the majority of the better multiplatform games.

BlmThug2650d ago

Most games sell better on Xbox 360

Ryo-Hazuki2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Everybody knows Sony has been outselling them World Wide but in the U.S its been a battle. I also think the world wide install base as whole is a little inflated for the 360. I mean how many times the same consumer had to buy another 360 because it broke. I bought the 360 5 times and I'm only one consumer... but at the end of the day each unit sold goes to there tally. Its not the most active console IMO. So since where talking about the region which is the U.S...I think the 1.6 is inflated

Shadonic2650d ago

ever heard of a warranty ?

Corepred42650d ago

why would you buy the same breaking console 5 times?!?

Bigpappy2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

So the guys at the store never told you that 360 came with a warranty? In fact if you got RRD in the first 3 years, of owning a 360, they replaced it.

You got suckered my friend. You should take that kid behind the register to court. Don't let him get away with screwing you over like that. If you didn't know any better he should have told you what a warranty is and what it covered.

Ryo-Hazuki2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

You guys do know Microsoft announced the extended 3 yr warranty in late 2007. The console came out in 2005. 1st xbox broke after the 1 yr warranty. 2nd xbox broke after the 1 yr warranty. Just that fast im already on my 3rd xbox in 2007. Are you guys denying that the number is not inflated? I know many ppl that were in the same boat as me

death2smoochie2650d ago

So you are trying to tell us (a notion Sony fanboys have been trying to sel) that the majority of consumers that had their Xbox360's RROD on them went out and spent another $300+ on a new one WHEN they could get it replaced or fixed for free?
Really? REALLY? You HONESTLY want rational thinking individuals to believe in this day and age and economy that the average gaming consumer (that makes up the vast majority of console sales) would go out and spend another $300+ on a new Xbox360 when it broke, instead of getting it replaced or fixed for free?
This has to be the biggest myth and lie EVER made this generation.
Only a MORON would do this.

frelyler2650d ago

My 360 died within 6 months of purchase (dvd drive actually), before the 3 year warranty. I however did not buy another one and instead sold it to GS. I will never buy a first gen Microsoft product again because they are of low quality. No Fanboy here, just someone that got screwed and learned a hard lesson. On another note, who cares about sales. I prefer ps3 and PC and I miss out on some cool games on 360, but I'm okay with that. Why are we talking about sales again?

MysticStrummer2649d ago

@smoochie - I know several people who did that. One bought 3 360s before trading them all in on a PS3 and some games. The others bought two before doing the same thing. It's called being a gamer with more disposable income than patience.

Hyperbomb692649d ago


You're a moron if you don't think that's what happened, you gotta be kidding me kid... If you really dont think people are THAT retarded I got some bad news for you.

Legion2649d ago

@frelyler "Why are we talking about sales again?"

Because if something doesn't sell well in your specific region then it might not get support and you might not have the games around to play any more.

Similar to how Xbox 360 in Japan is looking at possibly not getting as much support in it's product there. Japanese developers aren't looking at making games for Xbox 360 that reflect a more traditional Japanese flavor. Japanese developers today are leaning towards making games for Western tastes when developing for Xbox 360. THAT is why it matters if games sell in your region. And that is why I care about MY region when it comes to games.

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Anon19742650d ago

Interesting article. If software for the PS3 is outperforming in the US when you look at the ratio of software sales to install base, then worldwide where the PS3 has been dominant since it was available everywhere, the picture must be good indeed.

Add on top of that the research that shows that the PS3 topped the 360 some time ago in terms of active, installed units and it's no wonder software sales are way up.

When you consider that the PS3 hardware has been profitable for some time and the strong software sales, the recent price cut certainly makes sense to further increase that lead of active, installed units over the 360 worldwide and then reap the benefits of stronger software sales. However, the weak US dollar isn't doing them any favors when selling to the US market. Weak US fx rates have had an impact for some time now.

Dante1122650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

True, I remember reading that article that put the PS3 active install base above the 360s. So the software statement by Sony does make sense. Hope the PS3 pushes more hardware in the US though.

Edit: Damn, what happened to your bubbles, Darkride? You seem pretty chill and mature. How does the bubble system work anyway?

Hicken2650d ago

The system doesn't work. Get hit for trolling and lose a bubble, regardless of whether or not you were actually doing so.

OT: This entire index thing is new to me, at least as far as an indicator of how the systems are faring. And it's something I'll use at work- as a seller of games and systems.

Don't get me wrong. I don't bash the 360 or tell people not to buy it. But I DO give people the facts as uncolored as possible. If you're going to be spending two hundred dollars on hardware, and who knows how much more on software, you should make as informed a decision as possible.

andibandit2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Hey darkride66 did you actually read the article?

article quote:
"Here are the examples Sony provided us on software (per NPD data) that performed well due to partnerships or exclusive DLC:"

meaning that you get something extra for buying the PS3 version(in most cases)

on top of that these are the ones that performed kinda surprised that most of the numbers werent below 0

What would have been interesting to see were the games that didnt feature extra stuff or just negligable stuff.

MrDead2650d ago

Xbox sales in the US are huge out of the 55.6 million consoles sold 32.8 million are US sales, but the 360 has only sold 22.8 million outside the US.

PS3 52.4 million sold, only 20.5 million sold in the US but the PS3 dominates outside of the US with 31.9 million

Got this from Vgcharts even if they are a few mill out it shows the 360 is struggling outside the US.

Christopher2650d ago

***I'm a little surprised they'd categorize a hardware lead like that***

I don't see why since the numbers have been publicly available since the start of this generation. Everyone has known about the lead of the 360 over the PS3 in North America and the UK for a very long time.

This still won't serve to stop people from bringing up North America numbers as if they are the end-all to determining who is "winning" nor will it stop others from mentioning that "the US isn't the world" in opposition to those who claim the former.

otherZinc2649d ago


And...others & myself are down to 1 or 2 bubbles for reporting facts for years.

And Now!,SONY:
Finally admits getting beat in console sales, also this article is coupled with worldwide sales or he would have mentioned that. SONY would always reference a brighter side as they tried with this lame 1.6 BS.

Having RAM issues with cross game chat! Soon they (SONY) will admit other limitations due to its split RAM.

You guys (N4G) should give us truth tellers some bubbles back.

DigitalRaptor2649d ago

Anyone with a shred of common sense knew that cross game chat was a memory/OS issue years ago. Sony didn't need to spell that out to me.

And since when has Sony ever denied being in third place worldwide in sales? They've said there are more registered PSN users, that the PS3 install base is larger (which is true), and software sales/attach ratio is steadily improving and in many cases better on PS3. They launched the PS3 a year behind their primary competition, and have caught up by about 85% of total units, which is impressive enough. So the PS3 is SELLING BETTER and has done for the majority of its time on the market! Common sense yet again prevails.

You clearly have none of it. You think that every Sony fan on here is spewing crap when the logic and truth that people were saying since the day PS3 launched turned out to be true.

I think people like you should quit telling blatant trolling lies and maybe open your eyes a little.

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units2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

japan easily but not worldwide

Fishy Fingers2650d ago

This article (and there for everything in it) centres around North America.

StanLee2650d ago

That's not exactly what he said. It was taken a bit out of context. In relation to the difference in sell through index, he maintains the PS3 performs better. Meaning, because they have less consoles they sell less software but compared to the number of consoles sold, the software accounts for a larger percentage on the PS3. It's a misleading concept but hey, at least it gives them something to talk about.

donniebaseball2650d ago

Yeah, this is correct. Presumably if you extrapolate that, what he's saying is if PS3 actually had the larger installed base than 360 then PS3 actually would be selling more copies of multi platform games because it sells at a better ratio.

gamingdroid2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Yup, it is expected that you will have a higher attach ratio early in the console life and the way Sony actually had a better index is to bundle something extra on it...

Doesn't that suggest that most people consider PS3 a secondary console, and only when it offers extra content will users pick that platform?

Sony sometimes silence is better....

Christopher2650d ago

***Doesn't that suggest that most people consider PS3 a secondary console, and only when it offers extra content will users pick that platform? ***

Horrible leap of logic there.

Overall attach rate for the PS3 games is higher than that of the 360. He only provided examples that he could advertise in their continued EA support with extra content.

If your logic was correct, then the attach rates wouldn't be equal for CoD games. As it is, 360 is selling at 1.6 while the PS3 is selling at 1.0, equal to the disparity between their hardware numbers. If PS3 was considered secondary, they would have abysmal numbers in comparison.

jdfoster2650d ago

Did you read the article at all ?

DragonKnight2650d ago

How do you sell .6 of a unit? Lol.

3GenGames2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

It's a ratio comparison. Do I have to explain it like I do the 10 year olds what a Kill Death Ratio means, too?

ETA: Well then, I guess I DO have to explain how to annotate sarcasm on the internet:


Was that hard? No. And it sucks even more people expect to hear the different in text. People are stupid, it's hard to tell stupidity from sarcasm from text.

Fishy Fingers2650d ago

Probably trying to make a funny.

DragonKnight2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

@3GenGames: *sigh*

**EDIT** @Fishy Fingers: Thank you. Sucks that it needed to be explained.

Jocosta2649d ago

Someone needs to brush up on the their ratio and proportion chapters.

2v12649d ago

a person then another person choosing

_Aarix_2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

.6 of 10 units is 6 units. Simple
Or chainsaws one almost in half.

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3GenGames2650d ago

And it runs better, so? Doesn't get you more sales.

Christopher2650d ago

Performance is in regards to sales, not technical performance. Please read the article before posting.