Five awesome TV shows which should be five awesome games

GGTL: "It’s a very rare occasion indeed when game developers take it upon themselves to craft engaging licensed games. Normally when a company lands the rights to develop a game based on a popular TV, movie or comic property, what you get is complete and utter rubbish. The game developers figure that the licensed property has an established fanbase who will buy the game regardless of its quality, and are left with pockets full of cash. Whilst that fanbase we talked about; well, they're left with a poor or mediocre product and an overwhelming sensation of frustration."

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AlienFodder2599d ago

I'm glad someone else thinks that Supernatural could be an awesome video game if done right.

EliteF502599d ago

Yes! That needs to happen.

Solid_Snake-2599d ago

Band of Brothers or GTFO.

kcuthbertson2599d ago


xyxzor2599d ago

Yeah, it would be. My hope is that Remedy would do it.

Hicken2599d ago

Book 6, A Dance with Dragons, is already out.

That said, I can only desire an RTS-type game for Game of Thrones. Well, an MMO would be pretty awesome, too.

delicia2599d ago

The Walking Dead game is in production, isn't it?

Saryk2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

I said Supernatural years ago........Hoping that The Secret World will be similar.

MeatAbstract2599d ago

Breaking Bad? Just kidding.

Its a shame they never made a decent Buffy/Angel game, so much potential there.

Errod882599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

They made a Buffy game its on Xbox and PS2 and gamecube
theres two buffy games on xbox.

kcuthbertson2599d ago

In all fairness, he did say decent lol.