Hilarious Dead Island Glitches

Dualshock Nexus: Alright guys we are back with another segment of glitches we find hilarious in newly released games. This week we will be looking at Dead Island and man have we found some funny glitches. We've got everything from screamo zombies to a bit of false advertising.

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Hozi892602d ago

The Screamo Zombie was hilarious. Also the chick in the bikini sitting down looks like she has something only men should have.

jimineyscrickets2602d ago

The best and worst part of any open-world game is the fact that bugs are so hard to weed out entirely. Makes for some rather funny, and sometimes frustrating, experiences.

Bimkoblerutso2602d ago

He's talking about a penis.

ChrisW2601d ago

I think it's an Easter Egg in her bikini

WillGuitarGuy2602d ago

Screamo zombie: uuugghhRAAAAAAA

Me: I love that song. :D

TheObserver2602d ago

There's a Glitch on the PS3 when my friend spins in circle really fast he teleports somewhere random. He did it twice. Not sure if it is repeatable.

nemesiscw2602d ago

I've played this game for 2 hours and I've encounter more than my fair share of glitches (Steam Version).

1) Items and zombies respawn in the same manner. Right outside the starting area, there's a female zombie banging on a changing stall with a male zombie inside. Kill them move away to do a quiest, come back, BAM. Same zombies with same items laying next to them. In one of the houses, there's a zombie with a different name handcuffed to a bed. Decapitate her and move along with my business. Come back 5 minutes later, there she is again.

2) At the start I get two error messages. One saying something like "&#DLC_MISSING$#@&quo t; then "&%#DLC_CORRUPT&% $"

3) There's an optional quest item that's locked inside a house with no way in.

There are tons of annoying things about the game too:

1) Mouse sensitivity. In-Game, the default is: move the mouse a cm, turn 360 degrees. Go turn it down in the options? In the menus, you have to move your mouse a total of 5 feet to get to one side to the other.

2) Escourt missions. A guy WALKS from the start to finish with zombies chasing after you guys. he doesn't fight, he doesn't wait for you. He just walks.

3) Can't use numbers to change weapons. Ohh nonno, you have to press one button to "scroll" through the weapons.

There's a lot more too...

Arnon2602d ago

It was announced that some people were unfortunate enough to receive the debug version of the game on Steam. However, the game has been updated to the final version at this point. Try it again and see.

ChrisW2601d ago

#2 got fixed.

And more fixed coming as they try their damnest to make it the game that it's suppose to be.

jeseth2601d ago

Its funny that some games get passes for being total glitch fests like this and others don't.

I really wanted this game but the amount of glitch and bug problems being reported only tell me that the game wasn't ready. I think people/reviewers WANTED this game to be better than it really IS. Thats what I'm getting from all these articles. People make excuses for games that they want to succeed. Its like they have a personal agenda they are trying to impose on people.

Devs and Publishers shouldn't be rewarded for a rushed product.

zag2601d ago

yes but I think a lot of it comes from dead island not being hugely pushed as well.

so it's not so bad.

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The story is too old to be commented.