Random Moments In Gaming – Making Cars Fly

Sestren writes: "This is my second article in my Random Moments In Gaming series. This time I will take you on a flight in one of my favorite racing series, Project Gotham Racing."

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Daavpuke2601d ago

I approve of this randomness.

Sestren2601d ago

I thank you for your approval of our randomness!

Vortex3D2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Try playing NFS Undercover. On missions to take down the bad guy from getting away, drive at high speed and smash at the bad guy's car. I got both cars to fly several stories up in the air.

But every NFS is terrible with car physics like the developers simply copy the physics out of a cartoon.

And then there are car racing games that like driving on ice all the time or cars that made of rubber and bounce around with a slight touch with something.

My opinion is developers for racing games simply don't understand real physics.