A picture of Skyrim Collector’s Edition box - and it's HUGE

Matt Grandstaff waltzed into the Bethesda office this morning, only to hear a squeak of 'Hello there' at senior brand manager Erin Losi's desk. That's because she was hidden by a box.

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WhiteLightning2693d ago

No wonder the price is kind of high

The pictures showing you it's contents don't do it justice to be honest

The Matrix2693d ago

Yeah that's massive. I'll have to wait a month or two and pick it up on Amazon for half price. Zing..

MAJ0R2693d ago

they may be all gone... Zing

WhiteLightning2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

I would usualy do that but I get scared now (thanks to missing the Resistance 3 Survivor Edition) that if you wait they could sell out before you want to buy it.

Some your lucky with and they overstock, some sell out. I mean if a CE like Resistance 3 sold out then I'm sure a hyped up game like Skyrim will aswell.....but you never know.

I'm still trying to decide whether or not to get it for the PS3 or 360.

EDIT: Really...have you seen the price of The Assassins Creed Codex Edition or Halo Reach's CE for example. Most of them are limited, especialy if you like them new

The Matrix2693d ago

Never happened before. Only very early games of this generation are hard to find. Limited editions are not limited at all.

The Matrix2693d ago

@Whitelightning - Oh you mean the Halo Reach CEs that were selling for 70% off within weeks of the release at almost every major retailer? I think my local gamestop still has a few boxes collecting dust.

N311V2693d ago

It sold out in Australia about a month ago, I missed out :(

Kurt Russell2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Wow!... What a waste of cash. I wish I was able to spaff money up the wall on pointless trinkets and crap - Instead I'll get the normal version.

Hayabusa 1172692d ago

They seem to be getting better at making limited editions limited, at least in the uk anyway. I tried buying the Halo Reach slim console last month, and it's pretty much sold out in the uk: I was lucky enough to find a 2nd hand one in good condition at my local CEX (ebay one's only had one controller...and there were only 2 being auctioned).

Probably a different story in the states tho.

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Bumpmapping2693d ago

Like the the box art wish I had the money to buy the collectors might just wait till chirstmas.

fluffydelusions2693d ago

I just preordered at gamestop though just the regular edition.

Michael-Jackson2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

There's already too many collectors edition I'm already planning to get so I'm just gonna get the game.

The Matrix2693d ago

Not planning for Skyrim?

Michael-Jackson2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

When it gets a price cut because it's expensive, $150, If sold out I'll just pass on it.

wlchrbandit2692d ago

Yeah and it's £130 in the UK... That's £40 ($60 USD) more than the US version!

Someone at Bethesda can't count.

Shackdaddy8362692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

^^ Actually it's because everything is more expensive in Europe. Just look around you. You're paying extra for every single item you purchase.

Edit:Wow. Why didn't it reply to the right person...

kcuthbertson2693d ago

I'm willing to put money that that's not the collectors edition of the "game" but the special edition skyrim xbox 360...There is NO WAY that they need that big of a package for just a 12"statue plus the game and artbook..

WhiteLightning2693d ago

If you zoom in you can see "collectos edition" written on the box plus the fact the art book is next to it on the table

kcuthbertson2693d ago

Yes I know, but I really think it's the entire 360 collectors edition...It's WAYY to big...have you ever bought a collectors edition before? They love to get it all into as small of a box as possible.

aGameDeveloper2693d ago

If it is a 12" tall hand-painted statue of a dragon, the width could very well be somewhat more than that - perhaps 15". Add the packing material needed to protect it, and the size of the box is not all that surprising.

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