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James of writes:

"The end of August marks the end of summer, as well as Xbox LIVE’s annual Summer of Arcade. Through the four years the promotion has run, there has been a couple of stinkers (TMNT: Turtles Re-Shelled) but overall the quality has been superb. With 20 titles to choose from, it’s not gonna be easy narrowing it down to just five picks, so obviously some of your favorites may not be present. That being said, here are my picks for top five Summer of Arcade titles of all-time."

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rrquinta2689d ago

Great picks. I personally feel Braid is over-rated. I appreciate the game mechanic for being creative, but I just didn't find it terribly fun or engaging, and I do enjoy puzzle games. I felt it was a little too contrived and focused a little to much on precision. But that's probably just my opinion. ;)

dwightmccarthy2689d ago

Castle crashers is an awesome pick.

Jamesmanguyperson2689d ago

Trials HD is also deserving of being in the top 5.

ITLoo2689d ago

Castle Crashers deserves it. I love that game.