Madden NFL 12 sells 1.4 million copies in opening week

SystemLink: "Guys, apparently, like sports. So it comes as little surprise that Madden NFL 12 sold like hot, awkwardly-shaped pigskin hotcakes. However, what is surprising is just how much Madden 12 sold in its opening week."

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RioKing2598d ago

Its easy to "rule" with no competition ;)

waltyftm2598d ago

Agreed, nothing even comes close.

magikmark82598d ago

Why do people even bother to complain about madden, if they are going to buy it regardless? **scratches head**

NYC_Gamer2598d ago

Remember only gamers on web sites complain.but the average Joe loves madden and it's little updates every year.

DarkTower8052598d ago

The buyers don't complain, it is the vocal minority (that will never buy it) on the internet that bash the game.

IM_A_NINJA2598d ago

Same goes for games like Call Of Duty. Only the minority that visits sites like this complain, the majority which is numbered in the millions will always buy it no matter what.

This is the first Madden I've bought since 2008, so I usually wait a while before I buy a new one, the demo was great, so I bought the game. It's the best Madden I've played.

If your waiting for a different NFL game aside from Madden, don't hold your breath. I did the same thing, but EA just signs an extension with the NFL license. The NFL likes it's exclusive deals, just like they signed an exclusive deal with Pepsi for ten more years the other day. Meaning Gatorade will be the NFL drink for the next decade.

NYC_Gamer2598d ago

We'll never get a new NFL2k at this rate

Funky Town_TX2598d ago

Madden 12 is better than madden 9. You have to skip a few years to get a new game.

SebasBRS2598d ago

I`m glad I try this game before buying it.

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