Dark Souls: All Game Invaders May Want To Be On The Look Out For A “Blue Spirit of Revenge”

In a recently published Famitsu interview Dark Souls director shares new information about Covenants, multiplayer, classes, the Book of the Guilty and how you can get your name written in it.

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TheDivine2651d ago

Thats a cool way to balance people invading others.

TheObserver2651d ago

I really wants bigger PVP in Dark Souls. There are rare occurrence when 2 phantom can invade at once in Demon Souls. Happened to me once on the Stormmen level and I killed them both. Blue Blood Swordsman build here. It would be awesome to have 10 Blue Phantom vs 10 Red Phantom + a boss of the level fight haha.

FEARprototype2651d ago

2 or 3 invading phantoms,,,,are you sh*tting me...

Tanir2651d ago

gonna be epic! and oh so rewarding if you beat them all. me as a black phantom in demons souls was so happy when i killed all 3 enemies. the host, and 2 blue phantoms.

i killed one normally, the other was a two handed sword dude, he chased me and i had him run into the path of the dragons flame so he died, then the host, he was relentless on me, but i cornered him to the edge of a cliff, i wailed on him and even though he blocked he stumbled off the cliff and died.

best fight i had in the game!

cant wait for this!!!

also when i spawned as the boss for a player was pretty epic too

FEARprototype2651d ago

''also when i spawned as the boss for a player was pretty epic too ''
not if there using spells on you...

04soldier2644d ago

I always cast anti magic spell when invading worlds. It evens the playing field when fighting blue phantoms.

Tanir2644d ago

i never had that spell.....hahaha.

both times i played naked basically, as little armor possible so i could dodge like crazy. nothing hits less than not getting hit at all right?

Greyfoxdbz2650d ago

I would be saying that too if it weren't for the countermeasures in place. Such as the ability to hide in coffins and turn yourself into items and stuff. Lets face it, no one is beating 3 black phantoms without a shit load of luck

MeatAbstract2651d ago

This sounds very, very deep. This is, quite simply, going to be a quality game. Plus no DLC, everything is in the game and its HUGE.