Battlefield 3 pre-order deals

A run down of the current pre-order deals for Battlefield 3.

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fluffydelusions2688d ago

I just ordered from Gamestop because it's right across the street from my home so very convenient for the midnight launch.

kingdoms2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

I pre-ordered it last night from GS and got some sort of special edition. I forgot what it was.

DirtyLary2687d ago

The Origin birthday coupons dont work anymore?

Make a new account, make the birthday 3days from now. Get birthday discount coupon in email, apply to original account purchase. People said they got it for $48 doing that.

RaidensRising2688d ago

It has gotten so competitive out there now.

Convas2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Come on now, Best Buy/Gamestop, if you're buying a physical copy upfront has taxes, it is NOT $60 base. If you're buying from the retail online, there's shipping.

Amazon is $61 (Close rounding) and nothing more. Release Date delivery, Back to Karkand Expansion Pack, and Dogtags.

Not to mention if you buy Gears of War 3 from Amazon, you could also apply the $20 rebate towards Battlefield 3 and get it for $41.

Sorry to sound like an Amazon salesperson, but that is a really good deal. Unless you want the SPECACT Kits or The Physical Warfare Pack.

electricshadow2688d ago

I'm absolute sucker for the SPECACT skins. I pre-ordered from EB Games as that's where I always get games from, but once you're able to buy the SPECACT skins via DLC, I will.

Convas2688d ago

Fair enough dude. Personally I cannot turn down a rebate, especially not with Amazon. Every time I've used them, I come home from work/school and my game is in my mail bin, screaming "PLAY ME!".

Thanks to Amazon, last year and this year, I did not pay full retail for ANY game I bought using their release date shipping.

There is very little in the world, save a leggy, voluptuous vixen coming bundled with a copy of the game, that would get me to go back to buying from a Wal-mart/Best Buy/Gamestop store.

towelie12882688d ago

heard you get physical wafare pack later on for free

joydestroy2688d ago

the origin one is so tempting but i really just wanna get it from direct2drive

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