The Most Iconic Characters of This Generation

GCO: "Throughout history there have been a select characters that have represented a set console generation. Many of these iconic characters reside as console poster boys, however they’re much more then that. These characters are the reasons why gamers, and casual gamers, purchase a set console."

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Jappy-k72650d ago

for me it's Snake and Vashyron, Garcia Hotspur, Bayonetta and Travis Touchdown!

ape0072650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

to me the best new character in this gen is Niko Bellic, i may be biased for gta cause it's my fav game but niko is a [email protected] character

snake is a legend, no need to mention him

nate, marcus are great too

note: i liked mason from red faction guerella,don't laugh at me, he seemed humble and loyal

KendrickGLS2650d ago

I totally agree with ape007! I also think Niko Bellic is one of the best! And why would I laugh about you thinking Alec Mason from Red Faction is cool. I liked him too. My top ten favorite characters for this generation would have to be: #1 Sean Delvin(The Saboteur) #2 Niko Bellic(Grand Theft Auto 4) #3 Nero(Devil May Cry 4) #4 Galen(Ninety-Nine Nights 2) #5 Preston Marlowe(Battlefield Bad Company) #6 Nathan Hale(Resistance 1 and 2) #7 Alan Wake #8 Ethan Thomas(Condemned Series) #9 Marcus Fenix(Gears of War Series) #10 The Protagonist/Boss(Saint's Row Series).

BattleAxe2650d ago

Logan Keller, Nathan Hale and Nathan Drake.

rickhunter892650d ago

i have a feelinf nathan hale will make a come back as an android/chimera/human/???

Oldman1002650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

I'm surprised Sackboy, John Marston, Issac Clarke, and GlaDOS aren't there.

edit: Yes my mistake :P

edit 2: Haha sweet the author just added them to the article.

AlienFodder2650d ago

Commander Shepard IS on the list. :)

giovonni2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

I think Nathan is the most well rounded this gen, his sarcastic style is what separates the other selections. Although Drake borrows some elements from other games it all works well with each other, and you will lose yourself with the perfect balance offered with Drakes adventures. Marcus is iight he's like Seinfeld, you know.. The supporting cast is much more enjoyable.

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