BF3 - More Info on Recon Class and Last Stand/Man Down

"Our man, Alan Kertz, aka Demize99, is just handing out Battlefield 3 info like candy! The only thing he’s not spilling, of course, is the beta date. So, we’ll just have to patiently wait for that day to come." - MP1st

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TheBeast2599d ago

Can I just play the game...please?

Criminal2599d ago

Soon soon, you should be able to play it this month. DICE just has to pin down a date.

Mister_V2599d ago

I bet they're just gonna tell us the second after it becomes available.

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xtremexx2599d ago

I still need to buy this game lol, when will my money come :(

Dart892599d ago

Hope this month goes by fast cuz i want this game so bad.

Engineer for the win:D.

Criminal2599d ago

Anyone know if BF3 will have a 2 burst weapon? I loved the AN-94 (Akaban) in BC2.

JB0715922599d ago

In the Alpha, you could switch the Firing Rate of each gun taken it's an fully automatic weapon. So the M16 and the G86C can be Fully Automatic, Two Round Burst, and Single Shot.

Criminal2599d ago

Thanks so much. This is awesome, is this PC only or we console folk will get it too?

OcelotRigz2599d ago

Pretty sure its on consoles too.
And yeah, this is awesome. It will be so useful for adjusting to each situation or map.

Bladesfist2598d ago

Yep the AN-94 itself is in the game and you will be able to change fire modes in game. Source: Battlefield 3 fact sheet.

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The story is too old to be commented.