Japan chart: 3DS holds onto top spot

The 3DS continues to dominate the weekly Japanese hardware chart.

According to Andriasang, Nintendo's handheld took the top spot with 54,744 sales - down slightly on last week's 60,781 tally.

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user8586213703d ago

I prefer to see what the sales are like in november and december :P

ronin4life3702d ago

Why? Your not expecting it to crash and burn are you?
With the holiday release lineup looking strong, it's understandable to wait until then to make solid judgement either way, but you seem kinda sinister in your comment....

TheMyst3702d ago

SONY needs to release the Vita asap in Japan before Nintendo makes more gains. I'm pretty certain Japan will choose the vita over the 3DS.

browngamer43703d ago

Not a whole lot of gloom and doom comments in here....

dark-hollow3702d ago

Because numbers are facts, Opinions aren't.

mcstorm3699d ago

Nope there are not and ive said all along the 3ds sales wil pickup and it will be the number 1 hand held console and even sell better than the ds has.
The end of this year is going to be massive for the 3ds and it will be the best selling console world wide this christmas.

KingSlayer3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

7 people bought a PSP Go and the PS2 outsold the 360. LULZ.

dark-hollow3702d ago

Psp go sales went down a 180%! From last week :P

darthv723702d ago

it is such a nice convenience but i can see why it isnt doing so well.

If anything, sony should make that system $99.

Ddouble3702d ago

The Go has been discontinued so it's just the remaining stock being sold.

Dante1123702d ago

Dang, MS should've dropped the price in Japan than Portugal.

TheMyst3702d ago

Yea that's is pretty obvious. haha. No one claims it was.

Neko_Mega3702d ago

I would like to know where they get their numbers, because it seems kind of weird that 3DS sold good but no games did.

Only one 3DS seem to did ok but didn't even make it to 1st or 2nd.

dark-hollow3702d ago

Compare the install base of the 3ds which is still new and small to other consoles and handhelds.

Ddouble3702d ago

3DS is still riding the wave of it's price cut. It would probably settle around 40K before the holidays come.

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