The Benefits Of A Great Soundtrack

Game Podunk blogger, Natetodamax writes, "In the past, great games have come out that immerse players in fantastic worlds without the help of a fitting soundtrack. In a previous blog I wrote, I talked about Dead Space and Bioshock and how they succeed in drawing players into the settings that the two games are based around. Both of these games do so through pure curiosity; you don't know anything about these locations going in, which makes every opening door and corner feel fresh and enticing. There's something to be said about games that can achieve this without a memorable soundtrack in question, no doubt. But what about those titles that go the extra mile and integrate audio into the experience in a big way? Rather than taking a backseat, the soundtrack hits the stage with the other atmospheric elements to enhance the experience and the player's exploration of the game world."

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WolfLeBlack2651d ago

For me, the correct use of music and sound in games can have a massive impact. It's the reason why I was happy to invest a large amount of cash in a set of headphones :)

Fangwheel2651d ago

I agree, the music is just as important as the visuals for me. - Chris