Digital Distribution is the New Console War

The next console war will be fought in the cloud, and that's going to change everything.

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Tolkoto2600d ago

I still kinda hate DLC.

choadley2599d ago

I wouldn't say that, but I also don't want to see disc-based games completely go away either.

NagaSotuva2600d ago

Cloud gaming always makes me think of playing while taking a crap.

Sadie21002599d ago

These season passes are raising the BS level to new heights.

JeffGrubb2599d ago

Cloud gaming as a rental system is pretty dope, beyond that it's still a bit shaky.

rod_furlong2599d ago

I can't BELIEVE that Valve approached Microsoft with the idea for Steam and MS passed. What a horrible decision. But you could also argue that Steam wouldn't be nearly as successful if not for Valve's stewardship (and independence).

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