OXM UK: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Review

OXM UK: "For all its craggy egotism, Space Marine is too cautious to really shine."

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dirigiblebill2597d ago

A little more time in the oven and this could have been something special. You only have to look at Relic's other games - Homeworld, Dawn of War - to know they've got greatness in them.

kramun2597d ago

Thing is Relic excel in rts games, this is a completely different genre for them. I'll check out a few more reviews before I think about buying it, or I may well just wait for a steam sale. I'm interested, but not enough at the moment.

GameScrub2597d ago

This game is awesome IMO. The game seems easy at first but when you get a huge swarm of orks man you want to pull your hair out.

If it had cover system it would be even better but it doesn't need it to be honest.

Well worth it IMO.

GroundsKeeperJimbo2596d ago

The multi-player makes it even better. I can't even finish the single-player because I keep getting back online at the title screen. :]

oNIXo2597d ago

I like the game, and if you think the Ass. Marines are overpowered, you're doing it wrong. I think that they are the weakest load out. I love when I start playing a MP session, and I see all the people with jetpacks flying through the air. Its soooo easy to kill 'em. When you see one coming, just throw a 'nade at your feet, roll away, and start shooting. Easy kill. I think it is pretty balanced if you play it right. Running and rolling for cover when you know there's a sniper around, trying to flank the other team while one or two of your team mates are keeping them busy, and killing those people that think the Ass. Marines are the best thing ever. I have a blast playing. Just wish they would fix the matchmaking.

Super_ike2597d ago

after reading this review.....i realise hes basically playing it wrong and he didnt simply want to give it a chance, what a rushed review.

dirigiblebill2597d ago

Did you see the video they published with it? Funny, because they kind of look like they know what they're doing.