OXM UK: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer preview

OXM UK: "Modern Warfare has reached the point where it doesn't need reinvention. The basics of Call of Duty might as well be carved into a stone tablet and waved around on a mountain-top. In the same way that no-one is ever going to create a sequel to football or darts, Infinity Ward certainly aren't going to turn a game cherished by millions onto its perky blood-stained head."

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dirigiblebill2600d ago

At the very least give it a new graphics engine. How many more diminishing returns can they squeeze out of that doddery old thing?

PhantomT14122600d ago

It's not relevant to make a new game engine at this point of this generation of console. BF3's done that because it's aimed at latest PC tecs (DirectX11, etc.) then scaled down to consoles but Modern Warfare is made to fit the console this gen.