The 3DS' analogue slider add-on: Pros, cons, and potential screaming disasters

David Houghton writes:So that crazy-sounding gaffer-taped solution to the 3DS' non-problem of a not-actually-missing-because-i t-doesn't-really-need-it second analogue stick actually appears to be real. Real and ugly. Coming in the form of a cradle attachment that the 3DS sits in, it adds a right analogue, a couple of extra triggers, a whole lot of extra bulk, and a torrent of aesthetic mockery potential for future PlayStation Vita owners sick of fielding digs at the GameGear-like countenance of Sony's new machine. Truly, it is a multi-faceted wonder.

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Ulf2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

Wow. Ugly.

Why? Will some games actually require you to run out and buy this hideous beast?

Misterhbk2601d ago

I doubt any games will 'require' that you go out and buy that thing, thus making it pointless. Then again, if Nintendo does do a hardware revision and adds all of this (which I don't see where they could possibly add all the extra buttons) then yeah I suppose that would make this thing a necessity fr future games. But again, thats only if Nintendo makes adds all this to the next iteration of the 3DS hardware.

Moac2601d ago

I think nintendo realsies that they made 1 mistake with the 3DS, they should have added 2 analog sticks.
All the Shooters, games were you would need to move the camera around, might not get realsed on the system just because it has no second joystick.

Lets hope they realese a 3DS lite soon with two sticks as standard.
and its not like they would screw the millions that already have a 3DS , becouse it would still run those games BUT in a different way.

I will wait for 3DS lite with two joysticks.

kesvalk2597d ago

man, it fells like something made by a amateur on his garage...

what is up with this hulking thing?

although it fix one problem i had with the system, i am left-handed, and without a analog on the left side of the 3ds, i wouldn't be able to play any game where you use the touchscreen to move the camera...

but really, they saw all that complaints against the single analog on the PSP, and still made the 3ds with only one? they dug their own hole