PS3 Haze Cleared for December 14 Release

Shacknews: "Much like Rudolph leading Santa's sleigh in the murky winter night, Haze, one of this year's few third party PlayStation 3-only titles, will light the way for Sony's console on December 14, reports Three Speech.

Telling the tale of a drug-enhanced commando facing a moral quandry, the first current-gen effort from TimeSplitters developer Free Radical was originally announced for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The other two versions disappeared from Ubisoft documents in May, and at the time, an Ubisoft rep declined to label the game an exclusive, chuckling, "We just felt that PS3 needed some love.""

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Jandre024921d ago

This makes me nervous. Haze has gotten nothing but bad previews. If UT3 is really getting a December release, they might as well push it back to next year and polish it a little more.

crazy250004921d ago

where are the bad reviews?

cause im planning on buying this at game launch and ut3 also

Danja4921d ago (Edited 4921d ago )

Bad reviews..??

Free Radical never dissapoints sorry dude...Haze is my anticipated shooter for the year cept "UT3"

4 player co-op.....says it all.!

socomnick4921d ago

the man said bad previews not reviews.

neogeo4921d ago

game of the year hands down. done deal.

mesh14921d ago

haze is a area 51 cloone looks no better plays no better just ageneric shooter 7/10 game tbh i cant believe ppl are hyping thiS game up this is just me being truthfull the game is average at best.

Tryst4921d ago

I think the multiplayer/online aspect of this is gonna be unreal. The guns and vehicles looks mad - just seems like so much fun is to be had with this.

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gamesblow4921d ago

Alright! Haze is comin out!!! Another 7 to 8 AA game for Sony's cap. Man, if they get to many more feathers in it, they might just fly.

gamesblow4921d ago

DEAR LORD my account's been hackeD!! Honest... I don no wat u sayin to meese. I don't speka the engrish well.

ThisIsWaiting4921d ago

any life into this game yet?

Maybe a little personality.

All signs point to 'been there, done that' with this title.

... very uninspired.

Rockstar4921d ago (Edited 4921d ago )

Judging by your username I'm guessing you wouldn't say anything good about anything ps3 related.

Haze is on my Christmas list for sure.

ThisIsWaiting4921d ago

you would be wrong.

I really want to use my PS3 ... but the games on my 360 are so much better imo.

bootsielon4921d ago

Goldeneye, Timesplitters... its not about how innovative it looks, its about how polished everything seems, like graphics and gameplay. Halo, for example, isn't innovative. It's a well polished FPS online experience.

ThisIsWaiting4921d ago

Goldeneye was a looooooong time ago, and I've thought the TS series was average at best.

But this game just looks like total 'meh'

Danja4921d ago (Edited 4921d ago )

that's your opinion what let it be..are you gonna jump down the dudes throat cuz he's looking forward to this game alot of PS3 owners are...

it's just silly to base how good a game will be based on videos from an early build of the game...

who would have thought that from judging the buggy HALO trailer from E3 would have become a launch classic...

Haze will deleiver maybe not the most innovative shooter but as long as it's fun im satisified

Bathyj4921d ago

TS ran like silk and probably had more multiplayer options than any other shooter ever. How cool was it having Ducks and Elvis's for bots?

You people all complain about games getting overhyped and now this game is coming out and you're all "meh". You cant have it both ways.

I've got no reason to doubt Free Radical, they haven't missed yet and this game might not have been hyped to the gills but I dont see them missing here. Everything I've seen looks gorgeous and you just cant knock the talent of this team.

Why do you think Rare has sucked since all the talent left?

sonarus4921d ago

haze shows promise. REALLY STRONG advertising and it should prob do well.

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