PlayStation Vita firmware screens

Near! Trophies! Browser! Chat!

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JoGam2602d ago

These pictures are being recycled in every article. These are old.

user8586212602d ago

Thank god, it's not a 3rd console with the xmb

supremacy2602d ago

I have to say I agreed with you this once. I think Playstation deserves a change.

tarbis2602d ago

Every time I see these the more I want the PSV.

christoph2032602d ago

i dont really like the xmb to be honest functional but little personality, the vita UI looks really fun and simple

supremacy2602d ago

Now this is the handheld the world doesnt need, but handheld it trully deserves.

I know, I know I took that line from the dark knight.

Anyway ill be importing one of these in a couple of months and keep myself busy with uncharted 3 as well.

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