Diablo 3 1080p Gameplay Footage Shows 15 Minutes Of Demon Hunter Action

Check out the latest Diablo 3 video coming from FF Beta. It's in superb 1080p quality. Make sure you set up everything right.

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barb_wire2601d ago

Oh Blizzard, how you mock me!!

Release the game already damn it!!

Spinal2601d ago

Bring barb gameplay please :) kthxbai.

Tigerfist2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

The game seems to be full of good changes to the gameplay and functionality, to keep the action rolling and all, and that is quite good.

I also notice that little touch from the WOW experience, the way quests are presented and all of that. It seems like they are trying to keep the action rolling and the whole lore and etc to the background, in order for the most impacient players not to get bored (and god are they many in this generation).

But I must say that currently there are two things that bug me the most, the fact that the game looks kind of cartoonish and that it seems far away from beeing really scary and creepy. With better graphics I was expecting lots of gore aswell as that very creepy feeling that diablo 1 had.

PS: Does anyone remember the Butcher's room? Oh I sure do...

Aggesan2601d ago

I haven't played the previous Diablo games so maybe I'm not qualified to say anything, but this seems rather dull to me. Old gameplay, old graphics.