A Simple Question: Dead Island

PlatformNation: Dead Island released for many people yesterday, and if it wasn’t for a certain trailer, you probably would have never known. Generating mixed reviews (Stay tuned to Platform Nation for our review in the coming days), the zombie slaying game is being accused of being rushed, lacking story, and trying to take on too much. And while praises for the game exist (such as its open world, multiplayer, fun factor, and length), it seems the negative vibe is the one felt most with this game.

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fluffydelusions2600d ago

The mixed reviews kind of pushed me away from a day 1 purchase. Still going to get it but will wait for a price drop and some bug fixes.

gamernova2599d ago

10 dollars off via newegg promotional code. I got it already and it's awesome

One-X2600d ago

'And it’s exactly this reason that I think Dead Island was doomed before it ever released: we fell in love with a clip, not a game'.

You fell in love with an advert, that's all it was... an advert, it did it's job to get people to watch it, and a lot of people got excited by it.

This game would still have a lot of attention without that trailer, not as much, but still a lot. Borderlands, a lot of people know of that, I don't even remember a trailer for it, but I still knew about it and got the game.

Dead Island was always going to be hyped, the trailer helped get the hype up, but people set unrealistic expectations on it. Hence where all the bullying comes into play. People fell in love with the advert but not the product, that's how everything works, I don't see why it's a big deal with Dead Island...

The trailer was 6 months ago, it showed no gameplay, and showed what's in the game, it was us that got the wrong end of a stick.

I don't care about no trailer, perhaps it's everyones fault for letting them get hyped over a trailer rather than waiting for gameplay videos.

Sorry for the rant, but Dead Island is always talked about the trailer, and people feel hard done by and start critisizing the game.

Myst2599d ago

Want to give applause to this and you know what when you stated Borderlands I was reminded of how poorly it was upon release at least this one is playable co-op and mics were pretty darn well. Whereas in that one they had to be hammered out overtime. Deep Silver is already hammering out things here and there with their title. Well anyway just wanted to say bubbles - well said.

One-X2599d ago

Why thank you for your kind words.

Borderlands, the modified guns were game breaking, yet a whole lot of fun, also many problems with Hex editing the characters to get infinite skill points. Anyway back on topic.

Most game trailers these days are bad and nobody ever remembers them, but the first time an amazing trailer is made, people hold it against them. Trailers are just teaser adverts, if you see one of any other game, you don't look twice as it resembles very little of the actual product and is always some CGI. I just don't understand with Dead island, how often this trailer is mentioned, it's ridiculous. The trailer was 6 months ago, and was launched as an advert, it had zombies in it, and it showed you the gorgeous island and some concequences that could happen. Many people took it wrong and it's really annoyed me that people are still having a debate about this trailer. To many people, this will always be 'the game with an amazing trailer but nothing more', and it's sad to see.

Sorry, I go off on tangents about it xD
Not even got Dead Island yet but I know I'm going to love it, and they're also ironing out any bugs and mishaps they have in their game, and that's a great thing. I just hope the devs stick with the updates and continue to polish this game, too many companies recently just throw out 1 or 2 patches then leave it.

Thanks again. (:

BattleTorn2599d ago

great game! great game! great game!

I can't stop saying this!

You know when they say a game has resonance... and you can't stop thinking about it when your not playing.

This is where i am, I can't stop thinking about stuff I wanna find, and how much I wanna be online playing co-op!!

Excalibur2599d ago

a buddy and I played it until almost midnight, very under rated game.

BattleTorn2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

(I bought X360, look crisp/clear/GREAT!)
it has a few visual flaws, textures pop-in sometimes.. but I think the Head2Head screenshots were taken when both versions were laggin.
And that really only happening when going in/out of the blurry-effect intro cinematic

I also played it well past midnight hehehe. I had a random drop-in my game, put on my mic, and we played together for 4-5hrs after that.

Sooo fun!

Excalibur2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Yeah there are a few little flaws here and there but I'm ALWAYS more forgiving on an open world game as there are SOOOO many variables the devs can't foresee.
For instance, I was driving the car up on the docks to kill the big dudes just to see if I could do it, you know what? I can..hehe

strange19862599d ago

This game was never a day one for me. I never thought it was a sure thing. After reading a lot about it, though, it turned out to be a day two purchase. :)

Popping it in right now...

gamernova2599d ago

Thank God the trailer caught my attention! If I would have missed out on such a great game, I would hate myself. Amazing game people.

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