Dead Island review [BeefJack]

BeefJack: "The combat hits its lowest point when guns are introduced. Gunfights are a tedious stepping stone between you and your objective, and you’re unable to go in close-quarters when faced with humans with ranged weapons. As a result, the single unique premise of Dead Island – that it’s a close quarters, first-person zombie game – goes completely out the window. And by that point, the engaging and entertaining game that was promised has become little more than a faint memory."

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MysticStrummer2600d ago

I wish I could visit an alternate universe where Dead Island was a PS3 exclusive, just to see the hatred this game would be getting on N4G if that was the case. I didn't read the review, but from my time with the game I agree with the score. Such a disappointment.

fluffydelusions2600d ago

The game is currently sitting at a 72 on metacritic.

duger2600d ago

it's because of EDGE's score that counts much more than others. real average is shown here (but some reviews are duplicated and messing with the score).

DarkTower8052600d ago

I think this game will be more of a people's champ than anything. Word of mouth seems to be unanimous that this is a good game. I'm getting my copy this weekend.

antz11042600d ago

True, I think EDGE's 3 really brought it down, thats why metacritic cant be trusted.

I went by what ppl were saying yesterday that preordered it, and it was pretty universal that it was fun. Got the last copy from the local gamestop and I have not been let down, this game rocks.

One-X2600d ago

o.o This review is kind of harsh towards Dead Island...

The breaking of weapons, and tedious questing because of having to kill zombies gets boring, is the reason the score is only 6.5?

If it takes a long time to build an ultimate weapon, and I could use it for long periods without repairing, I'd get bored of killing zombies so easily just using the same weapon because I can. It takes from the survival atmosphere and makes things boringly easy. I can understand it getting boring when you can't use it for long periods of time, but there are plenty of tactics in this game, and weapons, it can't be that bad when a good weapon needs repairing.

The review is understandable, at least it mentions why he didn't like the game so much, which I understand, but mentioning long tedious zombie fights, then saying the melee combat is a very distant memory, is a bit of what seems like exaggeration. But hey.. each to their own.

Miiikeyyy2600d ago

Breaking weapons will make me use them more carefully, make me stock up on weapons and force me to upgrade! That's a positive thing!
Killing zombies will never get boring aslong as I have different weapons to smash their heads in with!

JellyJelly2600d ago

I'm still pretty sure I'll love it :)

duger2600d ago

you sure will. it's great game with some ignorable issues. if you like the genre you'll love it, if it's not your kind you'll see only the bugs. IMO that's the reason of such disproportions around reviews.

One-X2600d ago

Agree with you duger.

That and the fact many many people are still thinking about the original trailer for some bizarre reason.

JellyJelly2600d ago

I don't mind bugs as long as the game is fun to play. Not picky about that sort of thing, and I love the concept of Dead Island.

Saryk2600d ago

The weapon deterioration is what sucks the most. But in real life, that is what would happen, sucks but true.

Good review though and I still say kick everything if it is laying on the ground.

antz11042600d ago

Keeps you on your toes; nothing makes a fight scarier than when your pipe breaks half way through a mob.

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