How 'Driver' for 3DS made for a sweary bathtime

Andy Robertson writes: "While I waited for a cut scene to load I realised my son was singing to himself. Nothing unusual about this; he often does this while he plays. But this song involved some surprising language, along the lines of: "Hey hey hey, you're my shit hud / come on little bear, my mumma funking little bear." I think some of the original lyrics may have been lost in translation."

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Ninjeska2651d ago

lol. Nice article! And definitely something to be mindful of.
I can just imagine the Missus being none too impressed by that XD

Venox20082651d ago

There's written "from 16" ... nothing more to understand :) it's different game, different story, different curse words :)

Redlogic2651d ago

I liked that story. Lyrics gave me a good LOL