Bloodrayne: Betrayal, Crimson Alliance, Leedmees, SkyDrift coast on to Xbox LIVE

Xbox LIVE Arcade is hit with multiple games for the second straight week as Bloodrayne goes side-scroller, Crimson Alliance signs up for co-op dungeon crawling (for free?), Leedmees introduces some quirky Kinect puzzle play, and SkyDrift goes sky-racing.

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fluffydelusions4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

Crimson Alliance is free? I just went on XBL and it has it listed as free

EDIT: NM: http://www.crimsonalliance....

Queasy4110d ago

Yeah, it's mentioned in the article. Free to download but it has a weird pay scheme.

NewZealander4110d ago

yeah you have to pay to fully unlock characters? sounds like family game night all over again.

maniacmayhem4110d ago

Hmmmm, looks like this game is taking the free to play(micro-transactions) so many other pc mmo/arcades are going in..

Didn't Valve say MS doesn't allow "free" anything? This and Castle Crashers free dlc seems .... Strange...shenanigans.

Queasy4110d ago

MS did something similar with Pinball FX. The game is free but you have to buy the boards separately.

Also, MS is reportedly working on integrating a micro-transaction system into XBL to support free-to-play games.