3DS New Peripheral

Kotaku: "There’s More To Learn about Nintendo’s Ugly 3DS Add-on"

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WhiteLightning3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

Don't you think by now they would of just given up with the 3DS, admit to themselfs they've made a mistake relying on a gimmick, say that the 3DS is just part of the DS line AND THEN announce a new gen Nintendo portable. They can still do it if they hurry up and get it out for the end of next year to rival the PSV.

It would p*ss a lot of people off I know if they announced a new handheld but it would be better then playing with that ugly thing.

klecser3509d ago

Amidst all the usual Doom-prophesizing no one seems to have bothered to consider that it could be a sanctioned battery pack that wouldn't void the warranty of the device. That said, WhiteLighnting, I'm pretty sure you have absolutely no concept of how video game design, marketing, or distribution works. Thanks for the opinion though.