Surfer Girl's Wild Ride

Gaming Target investigates the video game world's favorite rumor monger, Surfer Girl, and reveals why she's probably not being truthful with her scoops on Forza Motorsport 3, Resistance 2, Red Steel 2, Prince of Persia 4, Street Fighter IV, Ghostbusters and more.

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Loudninja4931d ago

They got that wrong already, second of all, who is gameplayer?

Stunt4931d ago

Pretty weird because she told us of NBA Ballers 3 and the Ghostbusters game a few days ago, and today they were announced.

SwiderMan4931d ago

We already knew these things! Want a SPECIFIC example: You claim she revealed Ghostbusters. From Wired's Game|Life today: "Aykroyd originally let it slip that "Universal purchased the rights from Sony for a [Ghostbusters] game" back in **February**, in an interview with the Edmonton Sun.

Wow, that's a great scoop she had, telling us about a game that we already knew existed 9 months ago.

KingJFS4931d ago

Can you provide a link showing NBA Ballers 3 was announced? Because I can't find anything.

SwiderMan4931d ago

Whatever he/she is, I love the article's comment: "Oh, and Street Fighter IV will be in 2D or 3D. Wow, that really narrows it down. I guess that means it won't be on the PS3, since according to Ken Kutaragi, that works in 4D."


andy0014930d ago

You need to check out Eye of Judgement. Being able to move your cards around with a 3D character on it and interact with it is 4D to me. Very clever, that Playstation Eye

SlippyMadFrog4930d ago

Are you serious? I reckon you don't know what the fourth dimension is. Time is the fourth dimension.

andy0014930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

You guys took Kens marketing statements literally? You expected the PS3 to be able to travel through time? Wow, no wonder you are pissed.

I just figure that if you have 2d games and 3d games, then surely there must be something extra when you can start interacting with those 3d characters with your hands, and they popup from a physical card. It adds something surely.

So, although I am not serious, because this is just the internet and we are talking about entertainment devices, I would say that games like Eye of Judgement have added an extra dimension to not only video games but also to card games, so, to me at least, Ken's 4d statement makes some sense.

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TruthbeTold4931d ago

I know it's the trendy thing to hate on so-called "Surfer girl" because he/she is annoying as hell, especially lately, but this article is no better. Common sense isn't necessarily proof. This rumor, that her rumors are fake, adds another silly dimension to a situation that would probably be best forgotten. As such, this article does nothing but feed the BS beast... Let it die already.

Clinton5144931d ago

I didn't read anything there that disproves anything.

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The story is too old to be commented.