IGN - Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Review

Disgaea 4 plays it safe and sticks with the same winning formula it has used for almost a decade. If more Disgaea sounds like a good time to you, dig in. That also means it will still be too daunting and arduous for many people. This is a game for those who like taking their time and being methodical. If you've got the patience, there are hundreds of hours of brilliant strategy gameplay waiting inside Disgaea 4.

callahan094465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

Awesome! It's in the mail right now, should be arriving today, but I won't be home until very late tonight, so I'll have to wait til tomorrow to play it. Even then I may end up waiting a few more days because I still haven't finished up with Deus Ex.

Stealth2k4465d ago

better than the 6.5 they wrongly gave 3

Grip4465d ago

they need to change the gameplay like Persona 3 it just got way better from persona 2

dangert124465d ago

If you want to play persona play persona I will be purchasing disgaea 4 to play disgaea 4 so will the rest of the disgaea fans

4465d ago
Inception4465d ago

Lol, you compare it wrong dude. Disgaea is a T/SRPG and Persona is a turn-based RPG.

And even though i loved Persona 3, but Persona 2 gameplay are slightly better than Persona 3. Why? cause in Persona 2 you can still negotiate with the demon or used Rumormonger for what (secret) item will appear in the stores...and even affecting the stories. In persona 3 you can't do that all.

dangert124465d ago

Pretty neat review but what happened to the rotating camera?

Cablephish4465d ago

Some reviewers argued the the camera obstacles would get in the way from certain views. It would be great if they had the option to rotate during execution, but that would take a lot of sprite work.

Ramas4465d ago

Cant wait for this game! Yeah i live in europe and we are still not sure if we get it October or no as far as i know there is no real release date yet.

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Man Arrested for Allegedly Threatening to Kill Disgaea 4 Voice Actress

22-year-old student reportedly threatened to kill voice actress Suzuko Mimori. She is perhaps best-known by gamers for her role as Fuka Kazamatsuri in the Japanese version of Disgaea 4.

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Kalebninja3007d ago ShowReplies(5)
wedgezz3007d ago Show
TheColbertinator3007d ago

Oh hell nah. No one messes with Fuka.

Summons753007d ago

Good, threats shouldn't be taken lightly.

LonDonE3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Agreed i hope this fool is made an example of so other internet gangster wannabes think twice!
I hope this story is given allot of exposure so idiots realise you cant get away with unnaceptable behaviour just because its online.

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Disgaea Triple Collection coming to PS3 in Europe

NIS America will release a Disgaea Triple Play Collection including Disgaea 3, Disgaea 4, and Disgaea D2 for PlayStation 3 in Europe on July 10, the publisher announced.

The package will cost £39.99 / 39.99 EUR.

Yi-Long3120d ago

Great news: I played the first 2 on PSP, but never played any of these. Hopefully all DLC is included.

MegaRay3119d ago

Hopefully they discount the standalone versions. $40 for D3 (on Vita) is outrageous.

KellyKandy3119d ago

Played these back in the day, i preferred final fantasy.

Yi-Long3119d ago

Kinda different genre, but I LOVE the excellent humour in Disgaea...


Disgaea: How to Build Null Prism Combos in the Item World

GeekParty writes: "Knee deep in Disgaea 4? Want to waltz out of the item worlds with a million more items and nary a scratch on you? I present to you: The Null Combo Ladder."

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