Biggest Week in Gaming: 17 Must-have Titles

As the holiday shopping season careens ever closer, the video game release schedule gets ever more crowded. This week sees the frenzy reach its pinnacle, as a mind-bending (not to mention wallet -tormenting) set of first-class games hits the streets. Unless you're a millionaire with nothing to do except play video games (in which case feel free to invite us over - we'll bring the drinks), you'll never have time to check them all out yourself, so here's a summary of every big name appearing on shelves this week.

You'll be spoilt for choice. Every platform gets its share of love, from the most powerful of gaming PCs to the lowliest of portable systems. Just about every genre has its spotlight, too, so no matter what you're into, from questionably-mustachioed plumbers flying through space to big fat guys pretending to hit each other, there's a triple-A game dropping this week that'll put a grin on your face.

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MK_Red4925d ago

Biggest indeed. It's raining AAA games. Gotta buy my PS3 and Wii soon.

Madbrain4924d ago

Buy the Wii for your little kids and buy a PS3 to play real games! :)

PS360WII4924d ago

Yea it's deffinatly an awesome good time seems that the majority of games just out or coming out are top shelf ^^ Good time's but horrible for the pocketbook. I think for the first half of November I spent 500 on games.... yep just the first half of one month... that kind of hurt but I certainly have a nice selection ^^

Prismo_Fillusion4924d ago

Yep, I definitely need these three:
Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? (DS, PC) [62 in its first review]
Beowulf (PS3, Xbox 360, PC) [currently averaging a 45 on metacritic]
Sim City Societies (PC) [currently averaging a 66 on metacritic]

Always trust Yahoo video games.

snoop_dizzle4924d ago

yeah i have to agree with you. AS long as you ignore the last few games though , the list isn't that bad. Next week is mass effect!

Prismo_Fillusion4924d ago

My must-have holiday list:

Wii: Mario Galaxy, Zack & Wiki
360: Mass Effect
PS3: Uncharted, R&C
PC: Crysis
Multi-plat: Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty 4

Honorable Mentions:
Multi-plat: Guitar Hero 3
Wii: Raving Rabbids 2, Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

ziorhon4923d ago

I can honestly say I'm not interested in any of those games.