Head2Head: Dead Island Screenshot Comparison (PS3 & Xbox 360)

Lens of Truth writes - "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! Today we’re finally getting our zombie hands on Techland’s highly anticipated Zombie shooter Dead Island for the PS3 and Xbox 360. We (Jaime) haven’t been this excited about a zombie game since the release of Left 4 Dead 2 on the Xbox 360 and hopefully, we won’t be disappointed. So jump in and feast your zombie eyes on the differences of this Dead 2 Dead… Brains."

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xtremegamerage3467d ago

PS3 wins that easily.

Much sharper, better textures.

CryofSilence3467d ago

It does seem to be running at a higher native resolution on the PS3, thus making the textures appear more sharp. It's close, but I personally think the PS3 edges out the 360 version. From what I've heard, you can't go wrong with either version.

buddymagoo3467d ago

More detail in the PS3 version and even little things like extra HUD detail.

eggbert3467d ago

you can go wrong with the PC version, seeing as how badly they handled the port.

Seriously, you'll even see xbox controls randomly pop-up in the game at times.

Corax3466d ago

I dont think anyone should care about visuals to a certain point i mean if you have it in your head your gonna get the 360 version and you know the PS3 has the edge over your system would that change your mind to get it for PS3 if you dont have a PS3? No people are going to get game for the system they enjoy the most playing on. the only reason i can guess someone has two systems is for the exclusives. i hate sites like this, comparing reheating up fanboy wars

CryofSilence3466d ago


I said "either," indicating PS3 or Xbox 360. I have no idea how the PC version turned out.

zeeshan3466d ago

Look at all these fangirls bitching about one version over the other. WHO THE FU** CARES? If you have a PS3, you'll obviously get the PS3 version, and if you have a 360 simply get that. If you have both (my case), go with your instincts. These sites make a huge deal out of minute texture details etc.

We are mostly too busy enjoying the game to notice teeennnyy tiny details. I'd understand if one version was totally buggy and unplayable but for the love of God, please don't let these bullsh** sites take away the fun from video games!

insomnium23466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )


I'm pretty sure the x360 fanboys started this saying x360 is more powerfull using multiplats as their proof (do you remember the first FEAR?). They ruined the fun first and look how long it's taken us.

I don't care either way. I'm interested in this game and I will buy it somwhere down the line.

Controversy3466d ago

PS3 looks better on this one, not gonna lie. Seems like devs are really getting a hold on PS3 at this point. That's nice.

zeeshan3466d ago

Yes, I remember the days when third party games didn't look that good and yes, they have started to really get the hold of cell and the whole PS3 architecture. I ALSO agree that PS3 version looks better but is it something to brag about (like some people do)? That's my only gripe with the whole arguement. Bayoneta wasn't good on PS3 yet it sold a lot of copies (PS3 version). Goes on to show that gamers don't really care about small issues as long as the game's good.

I'd take a great game with some missing texture over a mediocre GREAT looking game. Fallout 3 for instance. My God! That game was buggy as hell (so was Fallout NV) but I really enjoyed playing both not even caring about some bugs (that they fixed later on).

Again, the difference in these pictures is there. PS3 version looks better to me but is it something that should stop 360 owners from getting this game? Is the difference so huge that it'll kill the joy? I really don't think. I say the devs have done a great job for each platform so kudos to them!!

CryofSilence3466d ago


You're over-reacting and responding to the wrong post. Please regard the last sentence of my post.

insomnium23466d ago


If you remember the media was bashing and saying x360 is more powerfull than the PS3 too for a long time. Doom and gloom against PS3. That's where all this pixelcounting started it doesn't matter how many disagree. All that means is that people dont know where it started and they WANT to see the PS3 fanbase as cocky sob.

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Objective3467d ago Show
Christopher3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

I dunno. The 360 screens look a lot more like what I experienced with default on my PS3. When I corrected the gamma, it looked like what they are showing for the PS3. Looks to me it's really just a difference in out-of-the-box gamma settings and your TV.

Edit: and before you randomly disagree, you can check my trophies... I have actually played the game unlike most here.

WetN00dle693466d ago

Yep, this is more Lens of Truth Shenanigans. Ill wait for the Digital Foundry comparison. Ill tell you this much though. Both are buggy no doubt but the Ps3 version has it worse of the two.

bigevilworldwide3466d ago

Don't know what version of the game you played then maybe your using AV cables but the game looked great on my PS3 without adjusting settings.

Christopher3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

Haven't experienced any bugs yet, but I've been going on a zombie killing spree instead of sticking to the storyline and just got to the Lifeguard Outpost :P

@bigevilworldwide: HDMI connected from PS3 to my XBR9 52" TV. As I said originally, has more to do with your TV's default gamma settings than anything else. It looks just as good as the best screenshots on the H2H site when I adjusted my gamma using the in-game gamma adjuster.

LoT and H2H don't do any adjustments normally with these tests. So, lots of the time PS3 or 360 may look washed out, but the only issue is that they haven't adjusted gamma based on their default settings, which, IMHO, should be the first thing anyone does in the first place (and some games actually ask you to do this first, including Dead Island).

RedHotChiliPepaSpray3467d ago

Anyone who disagreed must be deluded. All Fanboyism and bias aside the ps3 had better textures and lighting/shading.

I think we can all agree that the Ps3 has better graphics than the 360 however this is one of the first times I've seen it with sch an advantage on a multiplat...

But graphics are'nt that Important in games anyway so its not that big of a deal.

MARKUS_MAX1MUS3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

no I think your just deluded into thinking a slight difference in brightness & contrast ratios really makes all that of a difference when your playing a video game.

You need to check yourself

But il be an ignoramus fanboy aswell, My PC is more powerful than 10 of your little PS3s linked together and it has vastly superior textures and vastly superior lighting/shading.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray3466d ago

its not exactly a slight difference thoug is it? Considering all previous multiplats, RELATIVELY, its a difference thats everyones noticed.

Like i said in my previous comment graphics are'nt important but nowhere in my comment was there fanboyism, I just stated facts, such as, The PS3 version looks better and the PS3 is capable of better graphics than the 360.

But have fun with your PC. Those graphics must be worth all the money you paid for it.


FACTUAL evidence3467d ago

Lemme guess, the 360's look darker?

Persistantthug3467d ago

With that said, I don't think this game is worth $60.

kikizoo3466d ago (Edited 3466d ago )

"surprisingly" for lens of truth probably, but it's just pure logic (based on exclusives undisputable superiority)

". ill take the version with less screen tearing and a better framerate"

screen tearing is a xbox speciality, ps3 games are 99% of the time without this thing...and about teh framerate, you can expect the same thing for the two versions.

MadMax3466d ago

PS3 does look better. As far as the game not being worth $60, what game is worth that price? Games have become way too expensive these days. I will say though, if you have to pay the $60 that this is the game you will get the most for your buck with.

There are a TON of missions in it, so dont be fooled! Excellent game and enjoying every minute of it!!!

DevilishSix3466d ago

little sharper, little better details at a price. I beleive it was Destructoid's video review mentioned framerates a problem on PS3. Personally, I want the better performance.

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NukaCola3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

360 suprisingly is not as dark as normally. Some pics are to white TBH. Both look good but the PS3 shots look better. I heard the 360 runs smoother.

KingSlayer3467d ago

Glad that patch fixed the issues! Surprisingly, this game (on PS3) is smooth as butter. I expect the same on 360 (post patch).

TyrionL3467d ago

I'm coming after you brother.

bigevilworldwide3466d ago

Its the Bayonetta issue all over again and reversed....You didnt see the PS3 version need a patch

THC CELL3467d ago

xbox version look washed out

MadMax3466d ago

The Xbox version usually always suffer from this.

_Aarix_3466d ago

haha oh dang, ps3 fanboy thinks ps3 version is better...

_Aarix_3465d ago


Whether the game looks better on the ps3 or 360. Fanboys (such as cell) will always think their version is better.

Joe Bomb3467d ago

Wow, the PlayStation 3 version looks better. Nice job Techland! Definitely getting this game soon.

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Tempjf3467d ago

Yeah I'm going with the PS3 version. The games getting pretty decent reviews so I'm picking this up on the way home tonight. Any zombie game is a game for me..