Japan PlayStation Store Receives Six New PSone Classics

Tomorrow, Japan will be receiving six new PSone Classic titles. They include...

PSone Classics
- Arc The Lad II [PSP Only] (Sony)
- Sanwa Pachinko Paradise 3 Wan Wan Daikoushin (Irem)
- Sanwa Pachinko Paradise 4 Sushiya da Minamoto-san (Irem)
- Velldeselba Senki: Tsubasa no Kunshou (Sony)
- Arcade Hits: Moon Cresta (Hamster)
- Blue Breaker Burst: Hohoemi wo Anata to (Hamster)

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Reason4929d ago

...NFL Gameday and Intelligent Qube, for starters.

bootsielon4929d ago

and every other nice JRPG

Douchebaggery4929d ago

that would be awesome on PSN.

rogimusprime4929d ago

was one of the best games on just came out too late.

Where is Einhander, resident evil 2, Disruptor?

WTF is sony doing? They have a great games library that would crush MS's feeble attempts at bringing back classics.

Douchebaggery4929d ago

I'm asking myself the same question. They're sitting on a gold mine with the PSone library, it's like they've become allergic to money.

KidMakeshift4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

I think they're going to release Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy 7. Everyone has been begging for them and what better gift could Sony offer on PSN?

And what's up with Pachinko? I might have to download one to see what the big deal is.

hadouken0074929d ago

we need something besides gauntlet and mk.2 ect. like somthing we really would play

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