Surfer Girl on Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer, Indiana Jones & Tigon Games

"1) Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer continues two things from Fahrenheit, the player plays as multiple characters and levels and areas players
have access are incredibly small, thus the game looks amazing and much effort is made to highlight even the finest details.
2) Tigon Games [Vin Diesel's "game production company"] has announced six games, but only three games have come to light, do the other games exist?
Beyond concept art and a prototype, no. Tigon only handles the creative side of things and outsources development to other studios. The Wheelman is, at earliest, nine months away, it has been pushed back from early next year for "expansion" (which I'm fairly certain is a codeword for "avoiding making a pretty version of DRIV3R).
3) Indiana Jones has "a brand new development team on board" and is "back on track." I now understand why someone who was working on the title was a bit nervous when I talked about it with them a few months back.
4) Rent-A-Hero No. 1 will be available on XBLA (on Microsoft's Xbox 1 game download service) next year. I recommend picking that one up". :Surfer Girl

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MK_Red4928d ago

Holy moly, awesome news about Heavy Rain. I absolutly loved every aspect of Farenheit / Indigo Prophect except for it's graphics and now HR has everything plus superb and detailed graphics. Can't wait.

Charlie26884928d ago

Fahrenheit was one of the few games I went thru all the troubles to get the PAL version cuz it was the uncensored original version

and it was worth ALL the way :)

the other game is gonna be The Witcher :D

MK_Red4928d ago

I was also really pissed off that the US version (Indigo Prophecy) was censored but thank God that the devs released the Indigo Prophect: Director's Cut (Rated AO) online :)
Hope Heavy Rain doesn't get butchered (censored) like that masterpiece.
Agreed that it was worth it. As for Witcher, I really want this game but not sure if my PC can handel it.

Skerj4928d ago

Farenheit/Indigo Prophecy was the best adventure game I've played in years. The control scheme was actually pretty awesome and helped a lot with the gameplay. As much as I love that game I couldn't help but get the feeling that Quantic Dream was rushed halfway through development, if you've completed it you'll know what I mean. I'm hoping the same doesn't happen to Heavy Rain as this will be a 0day purchase for me.

I'm also hoping Quantic Dream can revisit their ideas for Omikron, it was a very ambitious title back then and unfortunately didn't achieve a lot of the things they set out to do. Now we have more advanced gaming systems than we did when it released so I'm hoping for a sequel or some of the ideas to carry over.

MK_Red4927d ago

Skerj, thanks for mentioning Omikron. It was indeed a true classic and in many areas, way ahead of it's time. Hope we get more Nomad Soul action soon.

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gamesblow4928d ago

I guess her site got returned to her... ha, what a joke.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4928d ago

Game companies send mail of their secrets to a freaking BLOGGER!

If It was a magazine or gaming site ok but a blogger!?!!?

The Dark Knight4928d ago

i dont get the party about indiana??? so are they still using that game engine?