Price cut boosted PlayStation 3 sales to 100,000 unit last weeks

U.S. sales of the PlayStation 3 more than doubled in the weeks after the company slashed the video game console's price $100 and launched a low-end model, Sony Corp. CEO Howard Stringer told The Associated Press Wednesday.

Sony said it sold more than 100,000 consoles of all types in the week ending Nov. 11.

The price cut and new model make the PS3 more competitive against Nintendo Co.'s Wii and Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 as the holiday season opens, Sony chairman and chief executive Howard Stringer said.

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beoulve4925d ago (Edited 4925d ago )

vgchartz dead wrong again. Don't trust vgchartz anymore. They're simply using NPD stats last month and make a calculative guess. That's why they always overestimate and under sometimes.

PS3 Limps on and on4925d ago

It's Sony reporting this. I don't trust it at all either. But VG charts can be dead wrong also. We've seen it before.

ParaDise_LosT4925d ago

I won't trust their word...
I won't with MS either..
NPD will clear things up...

beoulve4925d ago (Edited 4925d ago )

well if Sony publish a false numbers, it's a crime. You can't do that simply just to convince your investors. Transmeta did that and got into trouble. As for vgchartz, publishing false numbers, what do they have to lose.

I knows fanboys like to say "Lies all lies, sony lies"

felman874925d ago

maybe Sony sold that to retailers. (thus avoiding a criminal suit but still being true nonetheless) regardless, NPD will clear this up.

Chaos Striker4925d ago

It seems you still don't understand anything. If they provided false information then they would suffer severe consequences from the government for releasing false information to the public (ala Enron or WorldCom...hopefully u know what those are, because if not then...). And furthermore, using that image works the first time like 2 weeks ago, so using it now is worthless. Thus, everything you try to assert is invalid.

PopEmUp4924d ago

how old is the pic is that from early this year

Leg-End4924d ago

icefenix88 is a legend!!!

KnowitAll4924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

If they haven't even released the numbers for this week ending nov18
But if we go last week
They released the numbers for ending november 11.(They seem to have added the japanesse numbers and usa numbers of saturday 10)
PS3- 199,430 ending nov11(VGcharts) (Sony says they sold 100k for ending nov11) So how can vgcharts be wrong??????????? How do you know thier wrong?? When Sony's information pretty much fits with vgcharts information on week nov.5-nov11.
Yes Vgcharts have been wrong before, around july this year when they thought ps3 would have sold over 100k(in its first price drop, in usa) but it turned out ps3 only sold like 56k. So yes vgcharts can make mistakes but they also fix them.
-"beoulve" you vgcharts is "dead wrong" when you don't even say why its wrong.

This is one of those "don't pull arguments of your ass" respond

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sonarus4925d ago

i personally didnt think the 75 thou was bad. Those are pretty good numbers for ps3. However those numbers were completely desimated by 360 and wii numbers. I doubt 360 sold that much this month.

joydestroy4925d ago

i'm interested to know how many they really sold after the price cut took place and the new model was introduced in the US.

MK_Red4925d ago

Great news, hope the final figures are like this or even better and the trend continues. Just in time for Uncharted. Hope this helps sales of both Uncharted and Ratchet & Clanks.

IntelligentAj4925d ago

It's great news for Sony. I also think the advertisements had something to do with it also. Ever since they rolled out that new ad blitz it's hard not to see a PS3 commercial which mostly everyone has agreed looks cool and interesting.

MK_Red4925d ago

Good point. Not only the PS3 advertisment is much heavier now, the ads look cool and interesting.
Hope combination of price drop, new ads and games like Uncharted and Ratchet finally makes PS3 sell as much as it deserves and keep this trend of good sales.