Killzone 2 Wish: Bots

killzoneunit: "One of the most interesting features in the first Killzone game was the inclusion of offline multiplayer bots. For those who were too timid to head online to battle other players or simply looking to hone their gun skills, the bots served as a good training session".

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BlackIceJoe4932d ago

I would love to see Bots make a return and be able to be in the offline multiplayer and online multiplayer game. Also MotherH said in the past seeing as so many people liked them there would be a big chance they would come out in this game too. So I have hope they will make a return.

mighty_douche4932d ago

id love to be able to have a team of friends Vs a large number of bots, its the one thing that i think Halo could of done with adding.

oh, how long till we start hearing about "killzone 2's crappy AI..."... place your bets now please.

BloodySinner4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

Why would there be bots when there is Xbox Live as an alternative for multiplayer action? Unless if you are referring to those without broadband connection hooked up to their consoles to play online.

mighty_douche4932d ago

i want BOTs because...
1. id like to be able to have me and 2 friends Vs 12 bots, which couldnt be done in multiplayer
2. you can mess around with bots, deaths dont matter, number of kills doesnt matter, you can try new ideas, stuff like that.
3. its a good way to train up with new equiptment.

dont jump on me purely because i named halo in my comment with out putting..."oh my god best game EVER" after it.

Keowrath4932d ago

We used to do that all the time on Timesplitters 3. A group of us would team up for their wonderful "Capture the bag" games and team deathmatch.

It was nice as we have a couple friends who aren't really into the whole online FPS game but they had no probs teaming up with mates on the same console against an army of psycho monekeys!

Bots are good m'kay.

Bathyj4932d ago

I agree Douche. Me and my mate used to play Perfect Dark and Timesplitters like that all the time. Humans v Bots is so cool and I always missing it and prayed for it in Halo. If Perfect Dark 64 could do it, it should have become standard for any good shooter in my book.

Just for the record not everyone cares about playing online against faceless people you will never meet. Having 2 or 3 buddies right besides me and on the same team was the pinacle of multiplayer for me, aside from Mariokart Battle mode. That was all about me kicking arse baby.

KINGDRAMA4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

id like them to let us customize bots with custom skins wit all games.....

id make a bin laden, president bush, [email protected] and the mart then everyone can merk these annoying individuals as bots in ur favorite games.
i wonder if lbp is just the first step? maybe eyetoy facescans?

I mean seriously, all it should take is a driver and software.

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gamesblow4932d ago

My biggest Killzone 2 wish... is that it can atleast score a 9! Go ahead, Sony... splurge a little. I think by the time this game comes out you'll be so in need of a AAA game you'll pull your head out of your ass to do anything to make it happen, right?

HarryEtTubMan4932d ago

dude stfu your a loser no ones listening to you. wHAT DO U WANT A REACTION? Or do you actually think Sony can hear you? You've already crushed what credibility you NEVER had. Just leave this site please. You're so damn ignorant. GET A XBOX 360 IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY JUST STFU... You're annoying and have always been annoying with your wannabe "insider" BS. I've shcked out your myspace and you don't know sh!t. Just another person. Seriously get over yourself.

Saint Sony4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

All PS3 games are full of bots.

EDIT: THANK GOD!.. see, I have never played the first one. Was truly scared how bad this looked :)

..and yes I do wait games for PS3, I have one. Had it ages ago. Not much to play yet.

Skerj4932d ago

That's the first Killzone dude.

mighty_douche4932d ago

dude if you come here purely to bash, then at least make it on topic.

what a retard... why do xbox fans feel the need to constantly bash KZ2? getting nervious or something? if you dont think its gonna be any good, you shouldnt worry about it being exclusive.

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