Sony adds glasses-free 3D to laptops with Lenticular 3D sheet (could Vita be next)

Sony adds glasses-free 3D to laptops with Lenticular 3D sheet & Head tracking could this mean glasses free 3D for PlayStation Vita in the future using a 5 inch Lenticular 3D sheet & head tracking?

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Misterhbk4466d ago

Make it an affordable accessory and they might have something with this. Allowing customers to choose if they want the 3D or not but not making it the driving force behind the handheld.

smashcrashbash4466d ago

Nice for it to be an option for people but but i'll pass. Glassless 3D stinks. A big headache and neck ache

MasterCornholio4465d ago

Be nice if they offered it as an optional 3D accessory. But the thing is since its optional it will be up to devs if they want to include 3D in their games or not. Which means that unlike the 3DS not all Vita games will be made with 3D in mind.

Anyways since i really dont care about a cheap 3D effect i think i will pass and stick with the Vita without the sheet.

supremacy4465d ago

Didnt read the article, but is tech compatible with touchscreens?

I mean I never seen 3D and touch work in harmony before, so that be interesting. But like you, I am not really interested in 3D so I suppose this doesnt matter to me.

tarbis4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

PSV have a rear touchpad so, it won't really be an issue.
Interesting tech they got there.

SandWitch4465d ago

3D can work even on a touchscreen, e.g. it is already used on phones such as HTC EVO 3D or LG Optimus 3D. Though I can't guarantee you that it works well together, or as you called "in harmony".

supremacy4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )


I know that, but that would hinder certain gaming experiences for instance in the case of resistance burning skies which adds an on screen button icon for weapon switching and such, also considering the whole social aspect of the device I think I rather have that touchscreen over 3D, it just adds funtionality, which if you ask me counts more.

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