PS3, 360 & Wii in Console Wars: One Year Later

In the grand scheme of things, the outcome of the console wars between Sony's PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft's two-year old Xbox 360 shouldn't matter too much to the individual gamer. But, in a way, the outcome of the most competitive three-way race for console dominance in history affects you personally. The system that ends up with the most users generally wins the most attention and support from game makers, while the others get stuck with half-assed ports and throw-away games. Or, to tow the psychobabble party line, everyone feels good picking a winner, and owning the best-selling system can be comforting to uncertain consumers.

Now, a year after the battle started, which contender will come out on top?

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Prismo_Fillusion4926d ago

I completely agree.

It's way too hard to tell right now - and anyone who thinks "their" system will definitely be on top is probably a fanboy.

360 has the software sales
Wii has the hardware sales
PS3 has the best grip on the more long-term future

HarryEtTubMan4926d ago

See I think you really put this console war into perspective... It just seems some consoles have a better outlook than others. MUCH BETTER AND MUCH LONGER.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4926d ago

When the writer talks about the ps3 he says in japan the ps3 is 'marginally' outselling the Xbox 360. 'Marginally' means just barely. That's untrue, IIRC, the PS3 is whipping the Xbox 360 in japan.

Otherwise, I agree with everything else the article says.

Danja4926d ago

I will have to go with surprise there..!!!

it's the only next gen system I have don't plan on buying the other two..Sony has never dissapointed and im sure they won't this time around..


crippler6664926d ago

I do not realistically see there being a console war. I think all 3 consoles are going to have enough install base that by next Christmas a developer will pick and choose which platform(s) to release software on.

Yes we all know there will be figures showing this console has sold this many games, this console has this attach rate ratio and this many titles solde over 1million in a 6 month period. None of that matters as they all have a different shelflife and unless the other companies are going to leave it as long as Sony's console, it will be the last out again.

Then it will all start again, I just hope Sony put as much effort to getting a reliable machine out the door as they did with the PS3. But if it really is 2 years after the new XBox and Nintendo, I do not believe they will play it the same as this time.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4926d ago

Oh there will definately be a console war. Meaning the 3 companies will trade price cuts, they will try to buy or lure exclusives, they'll try to one-up the other company's features and other competitive stuff like that.

But as Konami said I don't think there will be a dominant winner like the last 2 generations. I think this generation will be pretty evenly split between the 3 companies. One company might have 40%, another might have 25% and another might have 35%. Not 70%, 15%, 15% like the last two generations.

dachiefsman4926d ago

improper title should read:

PS3, 360 & Wii in Console Wars: One Flamebait Later

spike4926d ago

360 because the games are easy to develope for. PS3 games keep getting delayed. 360 has a great library right now.

ravinash4926d ago

More and more games are coming out for the PS3 now with games like KillZone2, Uncharted, UT3 and GT coming out over the next few months the PS3 Library is starting to get up there and its not a bad library.
Also the delays will be getting less as the dev learn how to use it as you can see now more games are making it on on their due release date.
So the problems of the past will the past.
Then maybe PS3 can shift up a gear.

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