Sengoku Developer Walkthrough

Paradox Interactive have today released a walkthrough video for their internally developed game Sengoku, a Grand Strategy title for the PC set in 15th century Feudal Japan, set to release on September 13th.

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xtheownerzx3504d ago

I'm not one for PC gaming but this reminds me of another game... cant put my finger on it though.

Seferoth753504d ago

Romance of the 3 Kingdoms?
There were actually a few like this back in the day but they seem to have died off in the last 3 gens

smt303504d ago

Omg someone who remembers the Romance series! Well done sir, I loved that game back in ye olde days.

matgrowcott3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )


From the little I watched, it reminded me of the overview map in Shogun: Total War mixed with some game play from Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII.

But I'm not sure either of those are the game you're thinking of.

xtheownerzx3504d ago

There we go you got it Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII. It has that same style and feel to it in my opinion.

matgrowcott3504d ago

Honestly, it's made me want to buy the game. I used to be addicted to RotTK.