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GamePro Reviews Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

It's no secret that the PS3 needs hits, and badly. That's why games like Uncharted are so important: They're not necessarily triple-A titles but if they're done right, they can give hungry PS3 owners something to tide them over until games like MGS4 finally arrive.

Uncharted reminded me a lot of an Indiana Jones movie in that both are fun and enjoyable romps that are just good enough to make you forgive their respective weaknesses. It isn't going to single-handedly pull Sony's bacon out of the fire this holiday season but it is definitely a title that PS3 owners can be proud to call their own.--Tae K. Kim


* It's by far one of the best looking PS3 games around.
* The gameplay has its faults but it still manages to entertain.


* The story is a little cliched.
* Platforming sequences are way too easy.

Score: 4/5

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gdguide4969d ago

Man, the cons are WEAK. I mean come on. So Halo 3 storyline was amazing? LOL! And this isn't a platforming game. It has those elements, but they aren't there to challenge your controller skills.

ruibing4969d ago

What is with it being too easy platforming as a con? There are four difficulty settings, choose something harder if you think its too easy.

jaja14344969d ago

Increasing difficulty usually just Boost the AI in some way while lower our stats in some way too. It doesn't make jumping from point A to point B any harder.

Unless they have some nasty fish jump out of the water every now and then to interrupt your jump. Kind of like they did in Sonic. That would be cool. Kind of strange, but cool none the less.

tmax4969d ago

Man this guy needs get out of the office more often.

Which game isn't cliched......mmmmm...let me see Halo 3 maybe, or what about Mass Effect.

LOL, this guy either doesn't watch movies or is douche bag. ALL GAMES ARE CLICHED, that's why there fun.

n_n4969d ago

oh yeah, halo's story is just original...
like the other 99% of other games that are well story driven
*end sarcasm*

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Naruto4969d ago (Edited 4969d ago )

the cons are WEAK


riqued4969d ago

Actually I think this cons are the best so far from all other reviews.
Story really matters to me, but from what I saw in cutscenes released I will love the story and characters

PS3 Limps on and on4969d ago

The gameplay is awesome, I played the demo. People will see for themselves.

Meus Renaissance4969d ago (Edited 4969d ago )

I can only think of a few games with unique and wonderful story lines but its unusual for a video game to be criticised for having a "clichéd storyline", as if we expect every game to have a unique and compelling story line. And yet interestingly from everything we've seen and know about the story, especially the presentation, acting, and script, it seems really interesting as there are twists at the end.

From reading several reviews, I can whole heartedly say that all of them overwhelmingly describe the game to be great yet for some reason, the actual text review isn't supported by the lower than expected scores. This review is an example, they build the game up, then it goes down to a 4 out of 5 because the story is clichéd and the platform aspect sequences, e.g. jumping about to one ledge to another, as easy..sorry guys but I don't see even with those little issues how this game went down to a 4.

Technically it should be a 4.5 if you round up to the closest estimate, overall I'm disappointed with the attitude of these reviews because I'm confused. I read the text and then I expect a score close to full points but it doesn't cut it.

Am I myself being too picky, do I see the game as more than it actually is? I don't know but what's clear for everyone to see is that I'm frustrated to see these games, which look stellar and I see no significant flaws in them (and yes I can complain when I feel that I need to, Meus too does get angry) to get them lesser scores.

At a time where I and the majority feel that the exclusives on Sony's platform have deserved a bit more praise than they have had, especially with 360 exclusives getting what seems like a standard 9 out of 10, 9.5 or even 10 out of 10, it makes you question a few things. Is there a Media bias against the PS3? Do reviewers just expect more from Sony? Or are the exclusives not really on the same par as the likes of Bioshock, Halo and Mass Effect?

toughNAME4969d ago

you are being quite picky

with some of these Unchartered reviews it seems like your taking a personal offense to it

but from personal experience...the last line of your essay seems about right

Xi4969d ago (Edited 4969d ago )

it's not really on par.
Halo 3, mass effect, bioshock and mario galaxy all bring new elements to the genre. This does what exactly? it's a great game but it's no Halo 3, or mario galaxy, enjoy the game, I enjoyed the demo.

I'm sick of personal opinion accounting more than that of someone elses. Yes they review games and thier opinions are more respected, it doesn't mean that yours is wrong but your not right for either. Grow up.

GreyMatter4969d ago

You have every right to be confused about the media's behavior toward the PS3 and its titles.

I, for one, feel that they've become heavily jaded by the inclusion of multiplayer options in most of the larger budget titles for the 360. Sony and its developers seem to be more interested in providing a complete, intimate experience for the player. 360 titles (and the Wii, to a different extent), on the other hand, have put a major emphasis on gaming as a social activity. I've seen some people (and site reviewers, for that matter) even go so far as lowering their opinions of very solid gaming experiences simply because they lack some form of co-op or multiplayer. While that makes sense for some titles [Kane & Lynch], it's pretty ridiculous for other games that were never made with such intentions.

Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank are all titles that were meant to be enjoyed as though they were mythology of old, novels in the vein of Fleming's Bond, and Pixar movies. None of these have room for social interaction. And because of this, I feel there's a bias.

However, I don't feel that it's entirely unjustified.

For the $60+ prices that this generations games are running, you want to get a lot of mileage out of your games. CoD4, Halo 3, and Gears of War have the type of gameplay architecture that allows you to come back time and time again with offline and online co-op, deathmatches, and any of the other modes of one's choosing. Resistance is the only title the PS3 currently has that offers both a superbly presented single player action/shooter and a decent online mode.

Things just aren't quite the way they used to be. I'm really looking forward to Uncharted, but length is always an issue for me. I will be buying the game because it looks awesome, but the lack of a social aspect and its length will hurt it for many.

Bubble Buddy4969d ago

gears had such a GREAT storyline sarcasm*, thats how they got 9s all over the place.

TheExecutive4969d ago

XI.... HALO3 BRINGS NEW ELEMENTS TO A FPS? like what? thats fukin retarded. quit being such a fanboy and realize what halo is, a good game, but NOTHING new.

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