Reviewers Not Sure If Assassin's Creed Is Good

Some give it around a 7 and some give it a low to mid 9, so who's telling the truth and actually played through the entire game? To bring some balance to the equation, Gamebrink offers up the Sushi-O-Meter Average.

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Bonsai12144929d ago

yeah, reviewers in the last few weeks seem to be sending very very very mixed signals about various games. its sending waves of confusion among gamers.

i for one don't rely on reviews to judge which game to buy, but i look at them to get an idea of what a game is like, because generally, most reviews are on the same tier. but guess not.. haha..

it seems like the one sure thing these days is that a high profile 360 exclusive gets a 9+ every time and a high profile ps3 exclusive is rated on a scale from 0-8.5

Xi4929d ago

crack down
shadow run
they all score in the 8 range.

It seems like people are blinded by they're own hype, and are unable to look at something unbaised and un-objectivly. Maybe, just maybe the glass is half empty and they're actually being charatable with their reviews.

JokesOnYou4929d ago

its just the lil brother mentality, he plays basketball and Dad lets him win so in his mind he thinks he's MJ, but at school and in the neighborhood he's always getting his ass whipped, he can't understand/accept that maybe in time his skills will get better but for now he's just not on the level with the other kids on the block, whenever he loses theres always a excuse; "He cheated", "I was tired", "the ball is wet", "something was in my eye"= just like sonykids with their conspiracy theories, truth is everybody is NOT biased, just some reviewers dont think sony exclusive are that great= the simple answer is usually the TRUTH. cry some more sonykids=


mesh14929d ago

deal with it xbox games are better games halo 3 amazing game/bioshock amaing game/forza2 amazing game/mass effect amazig game whne u make a amazing game that has great graphics /great gameplay for its genre/and gret story line,it seems ps3 can only handdle 1 thing at a time in thier games great graphics while gameplay and imgination and bringing something new is missin in th eps3 games catolog no way u can compare games like bioshock/,mass efrect halo 3 to games like rachet and clank and unchaerted if u do u very new to games im 24 been playing games for 10years belive u me i know .

ReBurn4929d ago

I've got my PS3 copy right here. I sure hope its good because I'm aching to give my PS3 a workout.

TheHater4929d ago

People will either love this game or hate it. I for one don't know. But I will, when I play it

bohemian 234929d ago

How insightful. Isn't that the way most things are in life ? You like or you don't. Your words of wisdom have inspired me beyond words. Thank you.

Real gamer 4 life4929d ago

i know why reviewer are not sure if assasin creed is creed good. because reviewes are Opinions!! Some of them think is good while other thinks is bad. the best advice a can give you is not to listen to them.

TheHater4929d ago

agree. that why i don't listen to what reviewers have to say about a game.

ForROME4929d ago

Well, I played it and my honest opinion thus far is this, its neat clean looking however I feel lack of polish because the AI seems like a waste of time. I also bought Drakes Fourtune and that is a much better game IMO

Gamespot-equals-EGM4929d ago

Notice any framerate issues with AC like some of the reviews have been saying? Just wondering.

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The story is too old to be commented.