Is This Playstation 3 Too Dusty To Be Repaired Under Warranty?

Consumerist - We now have pictures of the Playstation 3 that Sony refused to repair under warranty because the unit was too dusty. Sony originally claimed that the pictures would not be released without a subpoena, and that the dust presented a threat to their technician's health that could only be alleviated if our tipster paid $150. After our posts, Sony abruptly reversed course and released the pictures to our tipster. Sony's letter, the pictures, and our poll, after the jump.

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Tsalagi4922d ago

Could you imagine how dirty the rest of this guys house is?

SaturnTo4922d ago

The guy is lucky they will fix it for $150 how can someone neglect electronics like this.

highps34922d ago

I wouldnt repair that thing looks like it got hit by a bus. Anyone with a higher IQ then a dog would ATLEAST clean it off before sending it in. Some windex and a old t-shirt would do wonders.

The top of it is dented open which as well voids the warranty though.

lol is this the one they blew up on launch day?

propheta4922d ago

The guy or girl who owned this console must have buried it. It doesn't look like dust as much as it looks like thin dirt. Maybe the poor bastard dug a hole in the backyard, predicting an early death of the PS3.

I wouldn't even touch that console as it is, let alone repair it. If there is something wrong with the console, there is damaged caused and the warranty doesn't cover it I think.

But this whole question is becoming quite popular isn't it? I mean... the only way you ever get to talk about a damaged PS3 is when they appear in this putrid state.

barom4922d ago

I don't even understand how it can be that bad. I don't think my PS3 would've been that bad even if I wanted to.

godofthunder104921d ago

i have a 360 and i love it and i'm not planning on buying a ps3 but i agree with sony i wouldn't even pay to have it shiped back to him.i know that the 360 had a lot of problems at the beginning but they have it fixed now but they kind of had the same problem but not as bad as this but they had a lot of people that put their 360 on carpets and in video cabnets with other equipment on top or under it with the door close wich every one knows that it will cause the 360 to over heat,so like i said the 360 had some problems at the bigging but with people not taking care of their electronics made it worse.

Real Gambler4921d ago

No way somebody can survive that long in a house that dirty. If Sony would have waited just a month or two, nobody could have still been alive to claim it back... They could then have just burned it with hazardous wastes.

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socomnick4922d ago

lol that ps3 wasent being used for a long long time lol.

rofldings4922d ago

at least when he does use it from now/2008/beyond - it won't overheat and rrod out in 3 seconds.

xplosneer4922d ago

He expected THAT to get fixed? What does he live on the beach?
If I was Sony and had to follow policy then I wouldn't either.

ruibing4922d ago

If it stops working because of neglect, I don't see how its any different than dropping or spilling the water on the PS3. Even if the guy has a good excuse, it should be Sony's decision whether they want to help the guy, since there's a big chance its just gonna be shipped back a few months later.

Is it just me or does it feel like the guy purposely sent the system back in this condition to create a controversy? If a 360 owner did this with his sytem and it got RRoD, I really doubt MS will fix it (since neglicence caused the overheating).

SmokeyMcBear4922d ago

haha ruibing.. you cant even have something next to it or enclosed in an entertainment center without it happening, let alone covered in dirt and crap.. sheesh

Shadow Flare4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

That guy must live like a stinking tramp. How can anyone let their console get so filthy, but also, how can anyone be stupid enough to send it in for repair in that filthy condition? Sony should've sent the ps3 back in a box, and put a stinkin, yellow-toothed rat inside the box reading "Clean this console with rat and then send it back to us. You filthy TRAMP"

ReBurn4922d ago

Did he keep his PS3 in the garage?

DwightOwen4922d ago

... he dumped the contents of his vacuum cleaner onto his console.


mccomber4922d ago

the guy actually owns a vacuum. I'd hate to see the rest of his house.