Uncharted: Drake's Fortune gets 8/10 from GamesRadar

In spite of all the work that obviously went into crafting Uncharted, its gameplay comes up a bit short, turning key moments in its 8-to-10-hour run time into frustrating, repetitive slogs. Still, it's a lot of fun overall, and its cool pulp-fiction atmosphere and wildly entertaining story will keep you grinding through even when things get dull. If you're looking for a fun showcase of the PS3's graphical prowess and don't mind a few flaws, then this is what you should be playing right now.

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MK_Red4925d ago (Edited 4925d ago )

Now this is downright unfair IMO. I have to disagree with some of the problems mentioned in the review.

shmee4925d ago

This is just an extremely unfair review

However i am not surprised. GAMESRADAR gave ass creed a 10/10. GI gave it 9.5/10 u can get an idea about the credibility of those reviewers

TheSadTruth4925d ago

What is unfair? They reviewed the game, gave it an 8 because it is flawed. Stop complaining about EVERY review for EVERY game. Get a personality while you are at it.

FirstknighT4925d ago

MK thinks EVERY sony game should be a 10. Stop your bi*ching already.

MK_Red4925d ago

FirstknighT, have you ever heard me saying a Sony game should be 10?

Actually the only games that I said should be 10 and will say are BioShock (360 exclusive), Super Mario Galaxy (Wii exclusive) and Assassin's Creed (multi).
In all of my comments, I have said Uncharted is a 9 to 9.5 game and I don't think otherwise.

If you are going to attack me, at least do it with reason and do it properly.

riqued4925d ago

MK_Red do you actually own any of these games?

MK_Red4925d ago

Well, I work in a game magazine so I don't have to own them all. I haven't bought the Uncharted yet though but having hands-on is a different thing.

artman4925d ago (Edited 4925d ago )

This is more likely food testing, some like sushi, some like pizza
so I'm not sure why people believe on these reviewers?? that's the stupid3st thing I've know.
taste your game yourself, and write on here. tell ppl about it.
We can't just rely on someone taste, it's even worse if the tester doesn't have a good taste at all.

if I'm the tester btw, I'll give all the first person shooter lower than any type of games. or I just give higher score to anything related to 360? the tester also just a gamer like us, why we trust them too much?

JsonHenry4925d ago

Well, remember, a review is just an opinion...

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Naruto4925d ago (Edited 4925d ago )

I disagree with some of the problems mentioned in the review.


Gamespot give this game A 9

riqued4925d ago (Edited 4925d ago )

The review didn't looked like an 8 to me.

IGN mentions a twist in the game that changed the gameplay, why don't they talk about that in this review?

Evilninja4924d ago

Probably because the "twist" really just amounts to a new kind of enemy showing up - the dynamic of the game doesn't actually change significantly.

power of Green 4925d ago

Sugar talk people are too rabid these days.

MrPink4925d ago

I really believe in this game. Maybe 8 houres is a bit short, but if it has got as much replay value as the Jak&Daxter games, then it shouldn't matter.