Battlefield: Bad Company 2 content cut in half for Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week

XMNR: Still rocking Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on your Xbox 360 in anticipation of Battlefield 3? Good news then as add-on content like Vietnam and Onslaught mode are on sale this week as part of the Xbox LIVE Deal of the week.

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2693d ago
IM_A_NINJA2693d ago

I understand the reasoning for this, because I see a huge influx of people on Modern Warfare 2 now in preparation for Modern Warfare 3.

The only issue is, Bad Company games don't play like the Battlefield games at all, so it's not like you can prep for Battlefield 3 by playing Bad Company 2.

Corax2692d ago

Don't know if I'm pissed that this didn't happen sooner or just mad they haven't released any details on when BF3 beta will be.

Queasy2692d ago

They've said September for the BF3 beta. It is now September. Should be within the next couple of weeks.

shaun mcwayne2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

yeah ill need to find out if i can get a beta code .
i had to email ubisoft twice to get an assasins creed beta code for ps3, first time they thought i wanted a code for xbox, so i had to email back to say i wanted a ps3 beta code. but i would prefer to try bf3 on xbox.